How to set password lock on WhatsApp

WhatsApp No. 1 is the social media app  used. And there is hardly any internet user who does not use WhatsApp, almost all use WhatsApp. If you are also one of them, then just imagine what will happen if your phone goes into someone else’s hand for a few minutes. Of course then the gallery will be opened, either whatsapp and just imagine if you have private chat. Which you do not want to show to others, then it is very important for such a situation that you must put a password lock in your WhatsApp.

how to set password lock in whatsapp

  1. Go to Playstore and install AppLock Install app locker app
  2. Once the app is installed, open it and enter your phone password/pin/pattern
  3. Your phone email will come here, if not then enter your email and click on saveClick on save by entering email
  4. Welcome message will be shown Click on OK
  5. click on lock in front of whatsappClick on lock in frot of WhatsApp
  6. Click on permitClick on permit Enable permit usage button
  7. Click on AppLock and turn on button

You will again go to your lock app where you locked your WhatsApp. And you will see that the true mark of blue color has come in front of you. And the lock in front of WhatsApp has turned green.

That means now your WhatsApp is locked. Congratulations now no one will be able to open your WhatsApp without your permission. In the same way, you can lock the other you too.

Locked WhatsApp

WhatsApp is locked with a password. If you want to lock any app other than WhatsApp, then touch on the lock in front of it, that app will also be locked with the same password. And will no longer ask permission. Because you have already allowed AppLock app to lock your phone’s apps with password.

Similarly, there are many app locker applications available. If you want, you can try them by downloading them from Google Play Store. But these methods are not completely effective. Because if a person goes to the application manager and deletes that application. Then automatically the lock of your WhatsApp will be broken. So in such a situation, the best way is, if the option of inbuilt application locker app has been given in your mobile, then use it.

How to set password in WhatsApp without any app

If you don’t want to use any application to apply password lock in your WhatsApp. So apart from this you have two ways to apply password lock in WhatsApp. One of which is provided by WhatsApp. And the other way is your phone. Because at this time most companies give the option of app lock in their phones. Which can be in the name of App Encryption as it happens in Vivo’s phone.

Fingerprint lock

This is the easiest and most effective way to lock in WhatsApp. But your phone should have fingerprint sensor. And you should have your fingerprint scanner in your phone’s settings. So first of all go to your phone’s settings and scan your fingerprint, and follow the further process.

  1. Open your whatsapp click on free dot click on setting click on account
  2. Click on Privacy Click on Fingerprint
  3. turn on button and touch your fingerprint sensor
  4. Choose the time after how long you want to lock WhatsApp after exiting WhatsApp

Fingerprint lock has been installed in your WhatsApp, now whenever you open WhatsApp, you have to touch your fingerprint sensor. Only after that your WhatsApp will be unlocked.

In this article you learned how to set password on WhatsApp. We hope this information will prove useful to you.