How to set fingerprint lock on WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp, then by definition you will be concerned about the security of your WhatsApp. If yes then you should add security feature to your WhatsApp, so that no one else can access your WhatsApp except you, there are many people for this. For example, you can set a password on your WhatsApp, or you can use a fingerprint lock if you want. How to set fingerprint lock on whatsapp.

Although fingerprint option will not be available in all phones, but you will get the option of password lock in all phones. Because fingerprint lock requires that the phone has a fingerprint sensor. If your phone has a fingerprint sensor, then you can apply fingerprint lock to your WhatsApp. Otherwise you have to set password lock itself.

how to put fingerprint lock on whatsapp

  • To install fingerprint lock in WhatsApp, it is necessary that your phone has a fingerprint sensor.
  • And it is also necessary that you have added your fingerprint in the settings of your phone, so if you have not yet added your fingerprint in your phone, then do it first.
  • In WhatsApp fingerprint lock, the same finger can be used as the finger you have added to your phone.

how to set fingerprint lock in whatsapp

  1. Click on three dots in WhatsApp and click on Settingsthree dot par clickSetting par click care
  2. Click on Account Click on PrivacyAccount par click carePrivacy par click
  3. In the last you will get the option of fingerprint lock, click on itFingerprint par click kare
  4. Enable “Unlock with fingerprint” buttonButton chalu kare
  5. Touch your fingerprint sensor for fingerprint verificationFingerprint sensor touch kare


Fingerprint lock will be activated in your WhatsApp, and you can also change the WhatsApp fingerprint lock time if you want. In which you get three options. “Immediately, after 1 minute, after 30 minutes”.

If you hear the Immediately option, your WhatsApp will be locked as soon as you exit your WhatsApp. That is, to open WhatsApp again, you have to do your finger verification. And if you don’t want to block your WhatsApp immediately, you can choose 1 minute or 30 minutes option.

what is fingerprint lock in whatsapp

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock is one such option, through which you can put finger lock in your WhatsApp. That is, after setting this lock, your WhatsApp application will not open until your finger verification is done. And if someone else wants to open your WhatsApp using their finger, then that person will not be able to open it.

how to lock in whatsapp

If your phone has fingerprint sensor, then you can apply fingerprint lock to your WhatsApp. And if your phone does not have fingerprint lock, then you will not be able to apply fingerprint lock in your WhatsApp. Rather you have to use a password to lock your WhatsApp. And such features are present in the settings of some companies’ phones. Through which you can lock other applications of your phone such as WhatsApp Facebook browser etc. But no matter who is present with this feature, then you will have to use a third party application for this. For which you have to search on Google Play Store, “app locker” will just get you many applications. Through which you can put a lock in your WhatsApp.

how to set whatsapp fingerprint lock

Enabling fingerprint in WhatsApp is as easy as turning off fingerprint on WhatsApp and the same process will remain the same.

  1. open whatsapp and click on 3 dot click on setting
  2. Click on Account, click on Privacy, and scroll down the page and click on Fingerprint lock
  3. Disable the “Unlock with fingerprint” button, your WhatsApp fingerprint lock will be disabled

how to turn off whatsapp fingerprint lock from phone’s settings

If you are not able to unlock your WhatsApp even after many efforts. So another way is to go to your phone’s settings and delete your fingerprint data. After that your WhatsApp will open even without fingerprint.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and go to security
  2. Enter your password or pattern lock by clicking on Fingerprint
  3. All the fingerprints you have added will appear here, click on it to delete your fingerprintĀ 


After the fingerprint is deleted, open WhatsApp back, you will see that you are not being asked for fingerprint in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp fingerprint lock not working

  • You may be using the wrong finger, or your fingerprint sensor may be dusty, or may be waterlogged.
  • Your finger may be damaged, so that your fingerprint cannot read your finger
  • Follow all these steps Your WhatsApp fingerprint lock might start working. But even this still doesn’t fix the problem, then you can bypass your WhatsApp fingerprint lock by following the above steps

If you are not able to delete fingerprint from your phone then follow this procedure

You delete your WhatsApp once. And download WhatsApp and set up your WhatsApp account again. If you do this, you will not be asked for a fingerprint. And if you want, go to your phone’s settings and go to the application manager, and go to the WhatsApp application and clear its data. And by setting up your account again, this will happen that you will not have to delete and download WhatsApp. Rather, after clearing the data, you can immediately reset your account, and bypass the fingerprint.

WhatsApp too many attempts fingerprint sensor disabled

This warning mainly comes when the wrong finger is used several times on the fingerprint sensor. But if this warning comes after using the correct finger, then it means that your finger is not working. In this way you can bypass WhatsApp fingerprint. For which you have to delete the fingerprint from your phone.

From this article you learned how to set fingerprint lock on WhatsApp. We hope this information will prove useful to you.