How to send location on WhatsApp

If you are going somewhere, and a relative is also coming from the other side, you may have trouble finding each other. And you won’t know the actual location, where you two are. But both of you can also tell each other your actual location, whose option is present in WhatsApp. If you want, you can also send your current location, or if you want, you can also share the live location through WhatsApp. And as soon as he keeps changing his location, you will see the changing location accordingly, how to send location on WhatsApp.

But before sharing your location, you have to understand that there is a difference between your current location and live location. And which location do you want to send, the current location is that. That when you send your current location to someone through WhatsApp, then only the location of the place you are at will be lost. And after that your location will not be updated. But if you share your live location, then you will change your location, then your location will be updated in your sent location. And the ways to sell these two are given below, you can send to whatever location you want to send.

To whom send location on WhatsApp

All phones that come with the latest version now ask to turn on location service to send location. But in earlier phones, you could send location without turning on location. But he was unable to send the actual location. Due to which many problems had to be faced. And if you are also using old phone now. So when you want to send location you will not be asked to turn on location. But you have to turn on your location yourself. So that Google Map can find your actual location. And if you are using latest version android mobile, then when you try to send location. Then Google Map will automatically ask you to turn on your location.

  1. First go to your whatsapp and click on attach icon
  2. Click on LocationClick on location
  3. If your location is off, it will ask to turn on location, click on OK and turn on your locationClick on continueClick on while using the app
  4. Your current location will be searched in Google Map, click on send your current locationClick on send your current locationSuccess

Your current location will be sent to that WhatsApp contact. And that person can easily reach your location by clicking on it. And it can also come as a measure of how far you are from it.

How to send live location on WhatsApp

If both of you are coming from opposite side. And if both of them want to go to each other, then both of you should send live location to each other. So that both can easily reach each other, that too while seeing the location in real time.

  1. First of all go to your WhatsApp and go to that contact to whom you want to send your location and click on attach
  2. Click on Location, make sure your location is on
  3. Click on Share live location
  4. In this you will get the time for how long you want to share the live location, select the timing
  5. Click on send button

Now that person can see your live location by opening the live location sent by you. And the live location will turn off automatically when the time you set is reached. And if you want to stop live location before the time you set, click on stop sharing in the live location sent to you. live location will be turned off

How to shared location on WhatsApp Status

If you want to put your live location in your WhatsApp status, you cannot do so by going to WhatsApp. Rather, for this, you have to go directly to Google Maps and find your location. And from there you have to share in your WhatsApp status. Which will be in the form of a link, and when someone clicks on it, it will open directly in Google Map. And will be able to see your live location.

  1. First, go to the Google Maps application and search for your current location
  2. click on that location
  3. Click on share location
  4. Here you will find the time setting in which you can set the time, for how long you want to share the live location
  5. Below you’ll see all your apps in which you can share location. If you want to share your location via WhatsApp Status, click on WhatsApp
  6. Click on Status to send

Your location will be shared on your WhatsApp status. And all your WhatsApp contacts will be able to see your WhatsApp status. And you will also be able to see your current location

how to send location from google map on whatsapp

If you want to share your location on WhatsApp via Google Map, then you will be able to share your location on WhatsApp through Google Map in the same way as above. All you have to do is go to your Google Map, and search for your current location and click on it and send.

In this article you learned how to send location on WhatsApp. We hope this information will prove useful to you.