How to save number in WhatsApp

In Whatsapp chat, you can add any contact as per your wish, by the way, whatsapp automatically activates all your contacts by syncing them. All you have to do is start chatting with him, but how to add him a number in WhatsApp. It is also important to know how to add number in WhatsApp.

And with the information given here, you can also add new contact to your whatsapp chat. But remember that whatsapp will be able to access your same contact. Those who have an account on whatsapp, first of all you have to save that mobile number in your contact.

how to save number in whatsapp

  1. Open Whatsapp and click on Message buttonMessage button par click kare
  2. Click on Add ContactAdd contact par click kare
  3. Enter mobile number and name and click on saveMobile number save kare
  4. Click on the three dots and click on refreshthree dot par clickRefresh par click care

how to add contact number in whatsapp

Whether you go to WhatsApp and save a number in your contact, or save a number by going directly to your phone’s contact, both are the same. And if you have done using your phone’s contact to any number in your phone, then you can also match that number to your WhatsApp.

  1. Save the number in your contact
  2. Open WhatsApp and click on the message icon in the footer on the right
  3. Click on the three dots and click on Refresh

After clicking on refresh, you will be able to see the number that you saved in your phone’s contact. He is also visible in your WhatsApp contact. If you want, you can also search the name of the person with the name you saved by clicking on the search button above. But if even after clicking refresh, that number does not appear in your WhatsApp, then it means that WhatsApp is not being used from that number, or it may be that you have saved the wrong number. So check your saved mobile number, and try refreshing again.

how to get number in whatsapp chat

When any person messages you, that person’s number will be automatically added to your WhatsApp chat list. Then you have set its number, it does not matter. But if you have saved any number in your WhatsApp contact. And if you want to bring him in your WhatsApp chat section, then for that you have to send a message to that person’s number. After which the number of that person will come in your WhatsApp chat list. And also you do video call or voice call to that person. So that person’s number will appear in the list of your WhatsApp calls.

  1. Open your WhatsApp click on the photo message icon on the rightMessage button par click kare
  2. Search and click on the number you want to bring to your WhatsApp chatSearch button par click kareUs name par click kare aur chatting shuru kare
  3. Click on the message button, type something or attach a file and click on the send button

Now this contact has been added to your whatsapp chat, now you can chat with whatsapp on this contact also.

Note: If you have contacts in your mobile number who do not use WhatsApp. So which mobile number you will not be able to access in your WhatsApp. Because to make a message or call on WhatsApp, it is necessary that you are also using WhatsApp. And you want to call the person to whom you want to send the message. That person is also using WhatsApp. So if that person is not using WhatsApp then you can invite him on WhatsApp. And if that person creates his WhatsApp account, then you will be able to add him to your WhatsApp by the same process, and you will be able to chat with him.

how to get in whatsapp without saving number

When someone messages you on WhatsApp, whose number is saved in your phone. And if it is not saved in your phone, then automatically its number will come in your WhatsApp chat list. You can also chat with his number of luck, do video calling or voice calling etc. But if you want to get that person’s number in your WhatsApp chat list from your side. Whose number you do not want to save in your contact, then for that you have to use WhatsApp shortcode code.

  1. Open a browser and replace “ number with country code” mobile number with country code with the mobile number for which you want to create a WhatsApp link, and open it in Chrome
  2. After that a button will appear, which will say “continue to chat”, click on that button, and your WhatsApp will open
  3. You will be taken to the WhatsApp chat section of that person

Now you can see the profile picture of that person, see his name etc.

In this article you learned how to add number in WhatsApp. We hope this information will prove useful to you.