How to compress photo | How to reduce photo size

The size of the photos captured by all the latest phones of this time is very high. And in the same size we cannot use the photos everywhere. Rather we have to reduce the size of our photo, then in this case you can use image compressor. Which will greatly reduce the size of your photo. And if we talk about the world’s most used messenger, WhatsApp, then when we send a photo on WhatsApp. So no matter how big the size of this photo is, but it is compressed and sent. So that we can send that photo using very little data, and the recipient can download it. How to reduce photo size.

How to convert photo from MB to KB

If you just want to compress a few photos, you can use online tools to do so. But if you have to compress many photos, then for this you can download the application from Google Play Store and use it.

  1. visit
  2. Upload the photo you want to compress
  3. Image compression will start automatically wait for a few seconds
  4. After the impression is complete, click on download and download that photo.

After the photo is compressed, you will be able to see that the size of your photo has reduced a lot as compared to before. And there is not much difference in the quality either. But if you have to press a lot of photos, then it will take a lot of time to complete uploading them on a website. So you can use the application.

How to reduce photo size with App

  1. First of all go to google play store and install qReduce lite app
  2. Open one and select the photo you want to reduce the size of
  3. turn on the quality button
  4. Make the quality 50 percent, keep the quality percentage as low as the size of the photo you need.
  5. Click on the Compress button

In just a few seconds your photo will be compressed and saved in your phone. And you will be able to check that the size of your photo has been reduced a lot. And if you want to maximize the size of your photo. So reduce the quality, the size will be further reduced.

How to reduce MB of photo

The size of most of the photos remains in MB only, it takes more time to share this photo. But if you want, you can also change the size of your photo in KB. Just for that you have to install qReduce lite in your phone. And by selecting the photo, reduce the quality size to 50%. And click on compress your photo will be in kb.

In this article you learned how to compress photo. We hope this information will prove useful for you.