How to recover deleted photo from gallery

We can store many media files in our phone. But in different types of conditions we may have to delete many files. And if you haven’t accidentally deleted any file that you want to get back. So there are some ways as you can get back your deleted photos as well. But there can be no guarantee which photo will come, or which will not come. Because not all your deleted photos come back in recovery. How to get back deleted photos from gallery.

how to get deleted photo back from gallery

And there are 2 ways to get back deleted photos or videos from gallery. The first of which is Recycle Bin and the second is Recovery Options.

So the first option will be applicable for you when you have recycle bin present in your phone. Because the phones in which the recycle bin is present. In them, if you delete any media file ie photo or video, then it does not get deleted permanently. Rather it goes to your recycle bin. And if you don’t clear your recycle bin, then that photo or video is just lying in your recycle bin for a long time. Which you can restore in just a few seconds. But if you do not have recycle in your phone or you have completely deleted the photo from your recycle bin. So getting back your deleted photos or videos can be a difficult process. Because for this you have to use recovery software or application, but even in this not all photos are recovered.

how to get deleted photos back

  1. First go to the gallery of my phone
  2. At last go to recycle bin (if present)
  3. All the photos and videos you deleted will be there. Click on any photo you want to restore and click on Restore.

The media file i.e. photo or video that you restored by going to the recycle bin. It’s back in your gallery, and you can view or share it if you want.

But if your phone does not have a recycle bin or you have cleared the photo from your recycle bin as well. So for this you use recovery application but remember that you will get many applications and software. But not all software works well. Even there are many fake applications. And the application that we have told you below works 100%. You can use it without any hesitation, and the chances are 90% that your deleted photos will come back.

Note: In this method there are chances of recovery of most of the photos, but many of your photos may not be recovered. And only photos will be recovered during this process, and the quality of some photos may also be reduced in this. And if you want original quality of all photos and you also want to recover videos. So for this you will need to root your phone. Which we do not recommend at all because if you root your phone then the company’s warranty will be void. And the chances of your phone getting internal damage increase.

how to get deleted photos back

  1. go to disk digger and install this app by clicking on the install button
  2. Open the application and give permission
  3. Click on start basic photo scan and disk digger application will start scanning your phone
  4. And all the photos will be visible as soon as your phone is deleted.
  5. Mark the photo you want to recover and click on recover
  6. Select Local storage
  7. The location on your phone where you want to store that photo. Go into it and click on OK.

All the photos taken by you have been recovered in your gallery, if you want you can go to your phone’s gallery and see.

Anyone can search your phone by following the same procedure, that is, any photos you captured or downloaded. So you have already deleted it. But it can be traced which photos you had captured or downloaded. But if you want, you can clear completely from the recovery option as well. After which the deleted photos will not be recovered even after recovery. For that also you have to use this application.

  1. First go to disk digger application
  2. Click on Start basic photo scan
  3. Click on Delete after the photo is scanned
  4. Select the photos and click on Delete which you want to delete completely.

In this article you learned how to get back deleted photos from gallery. We hope this information will prove useful for you.