How to record WhatsApp video/voice call

One of the most used messengers on WhatsApp. And most people also do video calling through this. Because it is completely free messenger, and a lot of people also want to do recording during WhatsApp video calling. But recording is sometimes present in normal voice calling. But the recording option is not available in WhatsApp video calls, so most people are unable to record WhatsApp video calls. But you will be happy to know that there is also an option to record WhatsApp video calls. For which you will have to use a third party. Because WhatsApp video call recording option was not given in WhatsApp. Even the option of voice call recording has not been given. How to make whatsapp video call recording.

But during the WhatsApp video call recording, the video call will not be recorded again. Rather, the entire contact that is seen on the screen will be recorded. Whether or not the notification bar and the buttons displayed on the screen along with the call etc.

how to make whatsapp video call recording


  1. Go to google play store and install screen recorder applicationOpen play StoreSearch screen recorderpress the install button
  2. Next open the app and click on Settingsopen x recorder appclick on next
  3. Click on Allowclick on allow
  4. Click on Settings  click on recorder setting
  5. Click on Internal and microphone and click on audio settingClick on audio settingClick on internal and microphone
  6. Click While using the appclick on while using the app
  7. Now make a WhatsApp video call whose video calling you want to recordstart WhatsApp video vall
  8. A small icon of Screen Recorder app is appearing on the screen in the form of a pop up. Click on it and click on red dotclick on screen recorder app badgeClick on ok
  9.  Click Allow, and click OKClick on start now
  10. After the call is completed, click on the screen recorder app badge and click on the save button Stop the recordingOpen galleryOpen video file

Your WhatsApp video call will be recorded. And for this it does not matter at all, that you are doing WhatsApp video calling. Or doing some other activity. Rather, whatever happens on the screen, the screen recorder app will record everything.

And you also have to keep in mind that when you end the WhatsApp video call, the screen recording will remain on even after that.

  • When your WhatsApp video calling is stopped, scroll down to the notification section from the top
  • Click on the red dot to turn off screen recording
  • The video has been saved to your gallery

how to make whatsapp video call recording without any app

It is very difficult to record WhatsApp video call without any application. Because there is no such option in the phone, so that screen recording can be done. But many companies have started giving this feature in their phones, so that you can do screen recording without any application. But you will not get this option in all phones. If you are a realme / Vivo user, then you will get the option of screen recording in the settings of your phone. All you have to do is turn on screen recording, and do video calling, you will be able to record your WhatsApp video calling. But if you use a phone from a company that does not have the option of screen recording even in the latest model, then you will not be able to record WhatsApp video calling without any app. And it’s not necessary That if your phone doesn’t have screen recording option by default, it won’t in future. Rather all the companies keep updating their Android software continuously. If the company provides the option of screen recording, then you will be able to record WhatsApp video calling without any app. But until you get such an option, you can use third party applications.

how to make whatsapp voice call recording

If you want to voice call someone on WhatsApp. And if you want to record it, then WhatsApp voice call recorder application is also available for this. But if you want to make a voice call to someone on WhatsApp, then it is better that you make a direct call to that person. Because there is no clear voice in WhatsApp voice call. But when you make a direct voice call, it will be very clear, and you will be able to record that voice call without any application.

Where are WhatsApp video/voice call recordings saved?

WhatsApp video call can be recorded only by screen recorder application. Because that recording is in video format, you’ll find it in your gallery. And if you want to find it from the file manager, it depends on it. Which application did you use to record WhatsApp video call? Because all applications use their own directory.

Whether you are recording WhatsApp voice call, or video call if you are recording using screen recorder application. In both cases you will find your recording in your gallery.

In this article you learned how to do WhatsApp video call recording. We hope this information will prove useful to you.