How to record mobile screen

You can record your mobile screen and make it like a video. Like we make video through our camera. In the same way, by recording the mobile screen, you can make a video of the activity going on on the mobile screen. And that video can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, if video calling is happening, then it can be recorded. If you are gaming then you can make a video of it or want to be on YouTube. So you can create different types of videos by recording your mobile screen. How to record mobile screen.

And those videos will also be absolutely copyright free because you have made the videos yourself. If you want, you can upload them to YouTube or you can share them on Facebook or wherever you want.

How to record mobile screen

For this, you have to use the Screen Recorder app, which you will easily find on the Google Play Store. And you can make unlimited videos for that. And it is available in free as well as premium version and all their features are available in premium version. If you want to make normal videos then you can use the free version. But if you want to make very professional videos. And if you need the premium features provided by that app, then you can buy its premium version.

  1. First of all go to google play store and install screen recorder app.
  2. Click on Continue, click on Next and click on OK
  3. Screen recorder will ask for permission, click on Allow.
  4. Click on Settings, click on Audio Settings and click on Microphone. So that when your screen is recorded, the voice can also be recorded. But if you want that there is no voice recording during recording like this, then you can also mute it.
  5. Now the icon of Screen Recorder app will be created on your mobile which will always be visible on your mobile. Click on it and click on the red dot. And if you are starting for the first time, you will be asked for permission, click on Allow.
  6. Click on start, the count down will start which will be of 3 seconds. And after that Screen Recorder app will start recording your screen.

How to record mobile screen with audio

Many times we make mistakes while recording screen and by mistake we mute audio recording. So in such a situation, while recording the screen, the screen gets recorded but whatever we speak during that time, the voice is not recorded. For that you have to go to the setting of your screen recorder application. And by going to the audio setting, the audio has to be enabled according to your need.

  • go to your screen recorder app
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Audio Settings
  • In this you will get four options. one of which will mute second microphone and third internal and fourth internal + microphone
  • Set the type of audio you want to accompany your screen recording. If you want your phone’s voice and what you are speaking to be recorded as well, then select Internal and microphone.

If you do screen recording after this setting, your audio will also be recorded. But if you want to disable it, you have to go to the same settings and choose the mute option.

How to put face cam in screen recording

If you want your face to be visible during screen recording, you get this option for free in X Recorder Screen Recorder app.

  • You have to go into your Screen Recorder app and click on Settings and scroll down the page.
  • Click on camera in tools a mini pop up camera will open. In which your face will be visible and will remain active even during screen recording.

How to change Screen recording quality

The screen recorder app has a default quality set of 720 pixels. Which remains perfect in all respects because the quality is also better in it. And its size is also not much, but if you want to record a video of higher quality than this, then you can do that too. But it will take more storage and for that you have to change the setting of your screen recorder application.

  • Go to your screen recorder application and click on setting then click on video setting
  • In this you will take low quality and you will also get high quality. Click on the quality in which you want to record your screen.

Why does scree recording stop automatically?

This is a very common problem in all screen recorder apps, this is why it happens. Because whenever the Android operating system feels that an application is consuming too much power in the background, it closes that application. Because when we are recording screen then screen recorder is working in background. And while at present we are doing some process on some other application. And recording it but for this first of all we have to set our screen recording app, that our android phone should not close our screen recorder app even during heavy power consumption.

  • Go to your screen recorder app and click on setting and click on avoid abnormal stop and click on allow.

After this setting, recording will not stop automatically during recording, no matter how much your phone starts to lag.

how to screen recording without any app 

If you want to do screen recording without any app then it is very difficult. Because very few phones already have the option of screen recording. So first of all you have to check whether the option of video screen recording is present in your phone or not. Because some phones have the option of internal video recording. But in most mobiles you have to use the application for this. And if you do screen recording through the application, then you are going to get many advantages of it. You will be able to record both internal and external voice with screen recording, you will be able to use facecam as well as you will be able to use pen and eraser. Similarly, different types of features are present in different types of screen recorder applications. Which can help you a lot during screen recording. so we you Would suggest using an app for screen recording. So that you can make your video better and better. Because the better your video is, the more people will like to watch your video.

How to earn money from screen recording

You can also earn money by recording your mobile or computer screen. And you can earn not a little but a lot, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to earn or not. If you want to earn money by recording screen then you must be doing some gaming. Or have to make a tutorial video etc. Let us assume that you play PUBG game. And you want to record its screen then when you play pubg then you can record your played pubg by screen recorder. And you can edit it well and upload it on YouTube and when your video is viewed, you will have income. And not only for PUBG game, but you can play any game and make tutorial videos. In which you will guide about something, how to do something etc.

how to record screen for youtube

Most people do screen recording only to put videos on YouTube. Because if you search any technology related topic on YouTube. So you will see a lot of screen recording which is practically done, and you don’t need any special screen recorder application to do screen recording for youtube. Rather, you can record your screen only through the above app, or you can use any other app if you want. There are many such apps on the Google Play Store, through which you can do the best screen recording, that too with Facecam.

But we would suggest that if you want to record your mobile screen. And if you want to put it on YouTube, then you should use a phone that gives better performance. Because a lot of phones start hanging during screen recording. And the video is not made properly and if you upload that video on youtube then people will not like it. And if you want to do normal apps screen recording then you can also do it in normal phone. But if you want to do gaming then you will not be able to do it in normal phone under any circumstances. Because when screen recording is on, gaming will always lag and neither will you be able to game well. Nor will Screen Recorder be able to capture your video properly. Even in low quality phone you are gaming right now,

In this article you learned how to do Screen recording and how to make a video of Screen. We hope this information will prove useful for you.