How to port my mobile number

Any user can port his SIM card to any other company at any time, and no company can stop him for this. Because all its rights are with TRAI, which is the route of the Indian Telecom Sector. And according to its rules, no telecom company can forcefully stop any user. Any user can get his SIM ported in any other company as per his wish. how to port sim

how to port sim

Telecom companies perform well on bossy locations, that is, their networks are much better and they get very high speed internet. And the calling is even better. But if you are in such a situation that your existing SIM card company is not providing you a better network. And if you do not like its services, then you can also get your SIM card ported to another company.

  1. Visit your nearest mobile shop by sending MNP message
  2. Complete your verification which will be done by the company agent
  3. get new sim and wait 2-3
  4. When the network is switched off in the old SIM, enter the new SIM and call 198 or any number. And Verify Yourself by Aadhar Number 

Should the SIM card be ported or not?

You do not have to think much about whether you should get your SIM card ported or not, anyway you are not getting better network and service or not. That is, you are not satisfied with that company, you are liking the service of another company. So you get your number ported to that other company. Since it is not permanent, you can port it again later and come back to the same company. That is, once the SIM port is done, you can get them to port your SIM at an interval of 3 months. So you can get your SIM card ported now with rest assured, you will not suffer any loss.

Documents for getting SIM port

Remember, you must carry your Aadhar card with you, because without Aadhar card you will not be able to port the SIM.

  • Aadhar card
  • mobile number
  • alternate mobile number
  • your own presence

Out of this, Aadhar card will be your most important document. Because without this you will not be able to do your own verification. And your sim will not be ported after that your mobile number should be there as well. Which you want to port, and also if you have an alternate ie another mobile number, then it will be better. Because in this situation whatever activity is going on on your new number. You will get its information on your alternate mobile number. And also it will be easy to verify your ported new SIM.

And your own presence is also necessary at that telecom store. Because your live face cam will be done only then your verification will be complete.

Your phone should have outgoing enabled, if it is not, then first get it recharged

Although the earlier rules were a bit easier, in which we could send messages even after recharging at least. And even the incoming was always on, but the current situation is a bit tight. And in such a situation, the incoming outgoing stops very quickly. And you will not be able to send messages even after doing any small recharge. So if you want to get your SIM card ported to another company, then you should think about it at the same time. When your number is recharged and outgoing is enabled so that you can send a message to get the SIM card ported.

If outgoing is stopped on your number, then you need to get your SIM card recharged for at least 100+. So that you can send message to get port done. At present, telecom companies do not provide the service of sending messages for less than this recharge. And to get any SIM card port, it is necessary that the sms of the port should be sent by the same number.

send message to sim port

Now you have to send a message to get your number ported, which will be something like this. PORT 81******37 and send it to 1900

Remember and you have to write in capital letter, and type your mobile number by giving space. And send it to 1900, after that a reply to your SIM port request i.e. a message will come. In which the code for the permission to port the SIM will be

Visit your nearest Mobile Service Center

You can also do the process above this yourself, but after sending the message, your work is over. And you have to visit any mobile service center nearest to you. Which is the company in which you want to port your SIM card, you can take for example, that is, if your sim is airtel, and you want to go from airtel to jio then you have to go to jio center. Where jio sim services are present because you want to port from airtel to jio. So after sending the message, the work of Airtel ends. And get the code to get the port done. After that the process is done by the next telecom company you want to go to.

After visiting your nearest center, you tell them that you want to get your SIM card ported. And show them that code too. Which came after sending your message, and your verification will be done. Which will include your name address photo etc.

In just a few minutes your verification will be completed, and your request will be sent for verification. Now you will be given a new SIM card by that center agent, which you have to insert in your phone. Or even if you don’t want to, it is not going to make any difference. All you have to pay attention is that as soon as the network stops coming to your old SIM card, then you have to insert your new SIM card in your phone. Because as soon as your old SIM card is turned off, your new SIM card will be activated.

After that you have to verify your new SIM card. Because without verification that your SIM card will not be activated. And you can also do this verification yourself. If you do not have much knowledge about mobile or internet, then you can take help from someone around you. Or if you want, you can also follow the procedure given below.

how to activate new ported sim

If you have your SIM card ported, and your SIM card has been activated after about 48 hours or whatever time has elapsed. That is, if the network has started coming then you can call any number. For which you will call on 198 or any other number, then first you have to verify your phone number. for which you will be asked.

  • If asked to do the verification, then press its key i.e. 1
  • After that OTP will also be sent to your alternate mobile number which you will have to enter. And you have to verify your mobile number, but many people do not have an alternate number. Then there is another option for them which is Aadhar Card Verification.
  • If you do not have an alternate number and you are not able to access the OTP. So if you ask for OTP after dialing 198, then enter any wrong OTP. After that you will be asked that the OTP entered by you is wrong. And also it will be said that if you don’t have your alternate mobile number, then press 2 you have to press 2
  • Now you will be asked for your document verification. In which you select Aadhar card. And you will be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your Aadhar card, then you enter the last 4 digits of your Aadhar card
  • After that your date of birth will be asked which is in your Aadhar card, enter it, and confirm. Your mobile number will be verified, and your mobile number will be activated in just a few minutes

How to port SIM card?

  • First you have to send port message to 1900, and you will get an MNP code. With that you have to go to the nearest telecom store
  • And he will do all the further process, and you will be given a new SIM. And its activation will take about 48 hours
  • After that you have to do your verification, which can be done through alternate number or Aadhaar.

How to port SIM online

The SIM card is ported online, but not everyone can do it. Rather, only those who are telecom company agents can do this because they have been given some access. Through which you are able to port the SIM card, for this, you have to go to the store of the company in which you want to port your SIM card. Like if you are in airtel, and want to go to jio. So you go to Jio’s store. And if you are in Jio, and want to port your sim card in airtel, then go to airtel store.

How many times can a number be ported?

There is no fixed limit for porting the number. You can port your SIM to any other telecom company as many times as you want. The only condition for this is that you have to stay in a telecom company for at least 3 months. Only after that you will be able to port your SIM card to another company.

How long does it take to have a SIM port

Getting a SIM card ported is very easy, and you can get your SIM card ported in 10 to 15 minutes. But getting ported for your SIM card may take around 48 hours, or maybe even longer, that is, around 3 days. So you have to wait for about 48 hours, and as soon as the network stops coming in your old SIM card. Your new SIM card will be activated. And to activate your new SIM card, you have to do verification. Which you can do yourself.

how to port sim from home

You can get a SIM port sitting at home, yes, but you can send a message for port request. After which you will get the MNP code, and with that code you have to visit the nearest telecom store. And further process will be done by Telecom Store Agent.

When can I get the SIM card ported again?

Once the SIM card is ported, you will have to wait at least 3 months i.e. 90 days. Only after that you will be able to get your SIM card ported again.

In one article you learned how to port a SIM. We hope this information will prove useful to you.