How to open PDF file

A PDF file is a document file that stores various types of contacts such as links, photos, text, etc. And if someone sends you a video on WhatsApp, or you download, then in some situations you may not be able to open that PDF file. Because PDF reader is not installed by default in many phones. And 5 will not open until PDF reader is installed. How to open PDF file.

how to open pdf file in android phone

To open a PDF file, you need to have a PDF reader installed on your phone.

  1. First of all go to google play store and install pdf reader
  2. After PDF reader is installed open that app and click on Allow above and give permission
  3. Go to your phone’s file manager or WhatsApp where your PDF is. and click on that, click on pdf reader

And if you have Google Drive installed on your phone, then you will not even need a PDF reader. Because google drive is able to open pdf file. And Google Drive is already installed in all the latest upcoming phones. If Google Drive is already installed on your phone, then you can use it. But if it is not installed, then you can install it by going to Google Play Store, after that you can follow this process.

  1. Go to the location on your phone where you have stored the PDF. And click on the PDF file which you want to open.
  2. Click on Drive PDF reader and that PDF of yours will open in your Google Drive.

How to open pdf file using web browser

If you go to your file manager and click on the PDF file, you may also be given the option of a web browser to open the PDF file. And if you click on that then your PDF file will be opened in your browser. But if you do not get the option of that web browser, then if you want, you can directly open the location of that file by putting it in your browser. But it can be a bit hard process for you.

how to open pdf in laptop

Many such software programs are installed in the computer, through which you can open your PDF file. Like Adobe Reader is the most famous software and if you want you can use any other software as well.

  1. Install Adobe Reader on your computer.
  2. After installing, right click on your PDF file, and click on Adobe Reader in open with.

But if you have not installed Adobe Reader or any other such software in your computer. So that you can open your document file. So for this you can also use your web browser. Because if you just download software to open PDF. So maybe it can be a heavy task for you in such a situation you can follow below devi process.

How to open PDF file through computer web browser

  1. First of all open any web browser like chrome or internet explorer
  2. Minimize that window, and drag and drop your PDF file into that web browser.
  3. Your PDF file will open in your web browser.

This is the easiest way to open PDF file in computer. Because for this you will not even need any extra application. And you will be able to open PDF file only by using your web browser. And if you want, you can also open the page of that PDF file in your browser by manually typing it. But manually entering the path of any file is a bit difficult for a common internet user.

Cannot open PDF files on Android phone

You will have to face this problem when there is no PDF reader application installed in your mobile. Because PDF cannot be opened like a normal video or photo. Rather, to open PDF, an additional reader is required which supports PDF file extension. Google Drive or PDF reader applications are available for this.

In this article you learned PDF not opening and how to open PDF. We hope this information will prove useful for you.