How to make Facebook friend

Everyone knows that Facebook is a top social media site. And on this almost you will get the account of all the internet users of the world. And if you want, you can make them your friend. how to make girlfriend on facebook, By the way, you can send a friend request to anyone on Facebook. But you will become a friend of that person only when that person accepts your friend request. Yes, if you want to make someone friend on Facebook, then it is necessary for both of them to agree.

How to make friends on facebook

And in some conditions you cannot even send a friend request to many people. Because many people improve their Facebook privacy, and limit friend requests. So that not everyone can send them a friend request. And when you search them on Facebook, and go to their profile, you will not get the option to send friend request in their profile.

And let’s say if you want to send a Facebook friend request to a person. And the option of friend request is available in his profile. But even if the friend list is complete, you cannot send him a friend request which is 5000.

How to send friend request on facebook

  1. Open Facebook and click on people icon
  2. Many people will be shown in “People You may know” Click on the “Add friend” button to whom you want to send a friend request.
  3. When he accepts your request, then both of you will become friends.Click on add friend to send friend request


  1. At the top of the same list, those people who have sent you a friend request will also be shown.
  2. If you want to accept their friend request, then click on the “Accept button”, both of you will become friends on Facebook.

But if that person is not found in that list. To whom you want to send a friend request, you can also search for that person on Facebook.

  1. Click on the search box and search by entering the name of the person you want to befriend on Facebook
  2.  Click on the “People+” icon, your Facebook friend request will be sent to that personClick on search box and search for the person you want to connect Click on + icon to send request

By the way, you have sent a friend request. But if you want to see to whom you have sent a friend request on Facebook, then follow this process.

How to view sent friend request

  1. If you are a Facebook mobile user, click on the People icon and click on the three dots, and click on “View sent requests”Click on three dot after clicking on person icon
  2. Here the list of all those people to whom you have sent a Facebook friend request will appear and if you want to cancel any sent friend request, then just click on “Cancel”, your friend request will be cancelledClick on view sent request Cancel or leave it as it is

And if you’ve started getting too many friend requests, and you want to turn them off, follow this. Facebook is the top social media site, and on it you will find the accounts of almost all your friends and relatives. And you can send a friend request to those you want to be your friend on Facebook. And any other facebook user can send you friend request. Although you can also turn it off, it is public by default. So that anyone can send you a friend request.

Whether you know it or not, don’t worry because you can stop it. After which you will not get friend requests. Even if you get a friend request, it is not too much, well it depends on you what setting you want. That is, if you want to avoid unwanted friend requests, then you have to turn off the friend request setting.

how to turn off friend requests

  1. Go to your facebook account, and click on dropdown menu and click on settingClick on setting after clicking on drop-down menu
  2. Click on “Who can send you friend requests?” By clicking on privacy and click on “Edit” Click on edit in who can send you friend request
  3. Click on Everyone and click on Friends of friendsChoose friends of friends

Now you will be able to send friend requests only to those people who will be friends of your friends, this setting can block your facebook friend requests by 80 – 90%.

By the way, the friend request has been turned off in your Facebook account. But if you are a mobile user then this process may be slightly different for you. Mobile user follow this process.

how to find friends on facebook

You can use the Facebook search box to find someone on Facebook. In which you search by entering the name of that person. And in the search result, you can send a request to the person you want to make friends with.

how many friends can i make on facebook

A Facebook account can have up to 5000 friends. Although if people follow you then there is no limit to it but the limit to become friend is 5000.

how to make more friends on facebook

There is no use in making more friends on Facebook. Rather, make friends only those whom you know personally.

how to make girlfriend on facebook

Everyone uses Facebook. Then what are the children, what are the old and what are the young, in which all the girls and boys are involved. Yes, but it is a different matter that the number of boys is more, and the number of girls is less. And if you want, you can go ahead with the relationship with girls by going to their profile on Facebook. But before proceeding, you need to think a little, because the profile of girls on Facebook is mostly fake.

If you want to make girlfriend on Facebook then you can search for her on Facebook. And go to his post, like, comment, send him friend request, and slowly the relationship can grow further. But before that, you must make sure by using your logic, whether it is the original Facebook profile or fake. For this, check his Facebook post. If that profile is original then surely many photos of the same girl will be uploaded. Otherwise photos of different girls can be seen in the fake profile. But remember that suppose there are all the photos of the same girl on that profile, even then it is not a guaranteed that the Facebook profile is real.

In this article you learned how to make friends on Facebook. We hope that this information on how to make girlfriend on Facebook will be useful for you.

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