How to hide WhatsApp status

By default when you post any WhatsApp status, all your WhatsApp contacts can see your status. However, it will be deleted after 24 hours. If you want, you can delete even before that, but deletion is not the permanent solution, how to hide WhatsApp status.

Because in such a situation your status gets deleted for everyone. But if you want to hide your WhatsApp status for only a few people, then you have to change the privacy of your WhatsApp status. After which your WhatsApp will be visible to only those people whom you will choose.

And if you want, you can select those people too. Apart from which you want to show your WhatsApp status to all other people.

how to hide whatsapp status

  1. Open your WhatsApp, and click on the three dots in the right top and click on Settingsclick on three dot Click on settings
  2. Click on Account, Click on Privacy, Click on PrivacyClick on privacy
  3. Click on StatusClick on status
  4. If you want to hide your WhatsApp status from only certain people, then click on “except My contacts”.Click on my contact except
  5. Select the one you want to hide and click on the “ok” buttonSelect number and click on ok

Now that person will not be able to see your WhatsApp status, and other people on your WhatsApp will be able to see your status.

  • But if you have many numbers in your WhatsApp, out of which you want to show your WhatsApp status to only a few people. And want your status to be hidden for other people. So instead of “My contacts except” click on “Only share with”Click on only share with
  • WhatsApp numbers of your mobile will appear, only those who want to show their WhatsApp status, select kare and click on “ok” buttonSelect the number

Your WhatsApp status will be hidden for people other than the people you have selected.

But remember that if you have already posted a status, then this setting will not hide that status. Rather, the status you post after this setting will be applied to them.

So if you had posted any status before doing this setting. Which you wanted to hide, then delete your status once. And post again. So that this setting can be applied on your WhatsApp status.

If you are troubled by seeing someone else’s WhatsApp status. So you can also hide their status, so that you will not see their status.

how to hide someone else’s whatsapp status

By the way, by forcing any WhatsApp status is not shown to you. Look at that status if you want. And if you don’t want then don’t watch it, there is no problem.

And no WhatsApp status is downloaded till then. As long as you do not open it, and anyway there is no problem with WhatsApp status.

But if someone is posting very ugly or any kind of inappropriate status. So if you want, you can hide his WhatsApp status. After which you will not see its status.

  1. Open WhatsApp and click on Status
  2. Click on the WhatsApp status you want to hideClick on status you want to hide
  3. Click on the three dots on the right top of that status and click on muteClick on three dotClick on mute
  4. Click on “Mute” to confirmClick on mute

That person’s WhatsApp status will be hidden. Then whether it is a matter of current status or future status. Yes but if you want, you can also see his WhatsApp status in hidden condition.

  • To see that hidden status, scroll down the status page, in the last you will get the option of “Muted updates” click on itClick on muted status
  • In this, the WhatsApp status of those people whose status you have hidden, you can see it by clicking on it.
  • And if you want to unmute that WhatsApp status that you have hidden, then click on it, click on the three dots in the right top.
  • Unmute that WhatsApp status will be unmute and will appear in recent status as before

Who can see my status by default

Because everyone’s WhatsApp status is set to my contact by default. Because of which if you enter any status. So all those people will be able to see your status. Numbers that are saved in your contacts, but if you wish, you can hide your WhatsApp status for only one person, or even for certain individuals, by following the procedure described above. Or you can just keep your WhatsApp status on for some people and hide it for others. Or if you want, you can completely hide your WhatsApp status.

In this article you learned how to hide WhatsApp status. We hope this information will prove useful to you.