How to hide WhatsApp last seen

If you are a WhatsApp user, then any other WhatsApp user can find out about you very easily. When did you last come online, are you online at the present time, or not. how to hide whatsapp last seen

But if you want that no one can see your last seen. So you can disable it by going to the setting of your WhatsApp.

The best part of this is that even when you are online, no one even knows whether you are online or not. This is the reason I like it the most. Because from this no one can find out whether you are online at the present time or not.

Especially if you stay up late at night, then it is very important for you to hide your WhatsApp last seen. Because using a normal mobile, there is a lot of time too. And time does not know, so if the same thing happens to you. So without delay you hide your WhatsApp last seen. So that others do not know about your login activity

how to hide whatsapp last seen

  1. Open WhatsApp, and click on the three dots and click on SettingsClick on three dotClick on settings
  2. Click on Account and click on PrivacyClick on account Click on privacy
  3. Click on Last SeenClick on last seen
  4. If you want your WhatsApp contacts to be able to see all your WhatsApp contacts. So you can choose “My contacts”, if you don’t want anyone to see your last seen on WhatsApp then click on “Nobody”Select nobody

After selecting Nobody, no one will be able to see your last seen.

kais someone’s whatsapp last seen

If you want to see someone’s last seen, you can go to his account and see. But only then you will be able to see his last seen. When he would not have disabled the lsat seen of his WhatsApp.

  1. open your whatsapp
  2. Go to the WhatsApp chat whose last seen you want to see.
  3. Just below his name, you will see the last seen time of that person. But remember, you will be able to see someone’s last seen only when your last seen on.

That is, if you have kept your last seen hidden. So it is obvious that no one can see your last seen. And also you will not be able to see his last seen.

So if you want to see someone else’s WhatsApp last seen, then you have to enable your last seen. And the process of hiding last seen, we have told you above. You can also enable last seen by following exactly the same process.

Just choose “Everyone” instead of “nobody” in that, the last seen on will be done. Everyone will be able to see your last seen and you too will be able to see the last seen of others.

What is the use of hiding WhatsApp last seen

If your WhatsApp number only has a list of numbers that are related to you. For example, your friends, your relatives, your family numbers, etc., then there is no problem. But if you do a business, do a job. So your WhatsApp contact will have different types of numbers. And WhatsApp Last Seen also makes your privacy public somewhere. By which all your WhatsApp contacts can easily know whether you are online now or not.

So in this case your employer-employee or other relatives easily know this. That you are currently online, and using WhatsApp. So if you are a bit strict about your privacy. So you should hide your WhatsApp last seen. So that no one will know when you are online, or when you are offline.

And in WhatsApp Last Seen you have to pay a lot of attention to one thing, that if you do any work in job business or anything. So even if you do not hide the last seen of your WhatsApp. But you should make your WhatsApp last seen my contact with everyone. Because this will happen that only those people will be able to see your last scene. Whose number is saved in your mobile. And the rest of the people will not be able to see your WhatsApp Last Seen.

Yes, because without saving the number in WhatsApp, any person can see your WhatsApp profile picture, your last seen, your about, etc. Not much has to be done for that, just use WhatsApp shortlink. And by doing this you can also see the last seen profile picture of anyone’s WhatsApp number, etc. And you will not even have to do this with his number. enter your mobile number with country code

how to appear offline on whatsapp even when online

If you want that no one can see your online status, then you have to change your online status setting. Apart from this, there is no other way to turn off WhatsApp Last Seen.

How to Hide WhatsApp Online for People Other than Contacts

Choose privacy of online status while select my contacts instead of nobody. So that only people on your contact list will be able to see your online status.

In this article you learned how to hide WhatsApp last seen. We hope this information will prove useful to you.