How to hide facebook friend list

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. And if you are also its user, then definitely you must be thinking about the privacy of your account. Yes, all users should do the complete setting of their account before use when they create their Facebook account. How to hide Facebook friend list so that they do not face any problem later .

You can set any content of your Facebook account according to your own. When you make your Facebook friend list private, no one will be able to see your friend list. But then it cannot be said that your Facebook friend list will be 100% private. Because your friends who are common in your friend list, they will be able to see your Facebook friend list.

But don’t worry, they too will not see the complete list. Rather, only those people will be seen who will be common in both of you.

By the way, the default setting of Facebook friend list is public. With which anyone can see your friend list very easily. So today we will learn about banning them.

You can set the privacy of your Facebook friend list in many ways, such as private, friends, custom, etc.

How to hide Facebook friend list

  1. go to facebook click on line 3 
  2. Click on Settings & Privacy and click on Privacy shortcut
  3. Click on “See more Privacy settings”
  4. “Who can see your friend list?” click on
  5. Click on “Only Me”

Your Facebook friend list is now private. But if you want, instead of making your Facebook friend list private, you can also do friends or custom setting. So that only some people will be able to see your friend list, which you have selected. And if you “friends” the privacy of your friend list, then only your friends will find your friend list. 

But it may be a harmful step for you somewhere that your Facebook friends will be able to see your friend list. Rather, it is better that your friends can see only those people who are common to both of you. Because in this situation none of your Facebook friends will be able to see any person in your friend list, whom they do not know. Even if he is not included in your friend list.

how to see someone’s hidden friend list on facebook

If someone makes their Facebook friends list private, you can’t see them directly. But yes if you are friend of that person. So by going to his timeline, you can see the friend list. But only those people’s names will be shown in his friend list, which will be common to both you and that person. 
If you want to show your Facebook friends list only and only to your friends. And wish that no one else on Facebook can see your Facebook friends list. So the best and simplest way for this is to block your Facebook profile. So that no such person can see your Facebook post or friend list etc., who is not your Facebook friend. 
And if you have not hidden your Facebook friend list, or have not blocked your Facebook profile. So the big disadvantage of this is that any fraudster or spammer can create a fake Facebook account in your name, inappropriate chat with people on your friend list, or try to get them to do any financial transaction. So you make your Facebook friend list private and increase your privacy. Because if you don’t make your Facebook friend list private. So this will not only threaten your privacy, but the privacy of your Facebook friends will also be at risk.

From this article you learned how to hide Facebook friend list. We hope this information will prove useful to you.