How to hide Android apps

Everyone keeps many applications installed in their phones. If you have installed any such application. Which you want to hide from others and you want that if someone use your mobile. So it does not get to know which other applications you have installed. So for that you can use application, and you can hide your application. Although the option to hide the app is already present in many phones. Like if you use Vivo phone then you will not need to use any application. And that you will be able to hide apps by internal feature only. How to hide App.

How to hide App

  1. First go to iManager application of your phone
  2. Click on App encryption
  3. enter a password
  4. repeat the same password again
  5. Click on Hide apps
  6. Enable View hidden app button
  7. Looking at the bottom, enable the button of the application you want to hide.
  8. Click on Confirm

Now that application is hidden from the home page of your mobile. And no one will know whether you have installed that application in your phone or not. And if you want to open that application then drag the screen upwards with 2 fingers.

  1. go to your phone home page
  2. keep your 2 finger on the screen
  3. swipe up

This list will also show applications that you have hidden from your phone’s settings. Now you can use it if you want.

how to hide app via app

  1. First install Hide app
  2. After installation open this application and give permission
  3. Click on the + Icon
  4. Click on the application you want to hide
  5. Selected by you in this application of yours in just a few seconds. The application will come and click on it and set the application.
  6. and go out and delete the main application

Note: The first method which is used to hide through the internal setting of the mobile is completely accurate. It works very well but the other way which is to hide from the application. It doesn’t work very well, because in this way the application is cloned. And you have to uninstall the original application outside.

how to hide app without deleting app

You can hide the application without any application, but for this there is a condition that the feature of hiding the application has been given in your phone. And if you are also that user then you can use the method given above.

From this article you learned how to hide android app. We hope this information will prove useful for you.