How to hack WhatsApp

Note: The purpose of this article is to protect you from hacking. Because a lot of people can use this method to hack you. So if you need to be aware of these methods, so that you can save yourself from getting hacked. how to hack whatsapp 

If you want to hack someone’s whatsapp. And after installing WhatsApp in your mobile and login by entering its mobile number, then OTP will be sent to that mobile number. Which you have to achieve, and you have to put in your WhatsApp. Then his WhatsApp will start running in your phone. But this method will not be helpful for you in any way. Because as soon as you create a WhatsApp account using this method in your mobile, and login with it, the notification will reach your WhatsApp immediately. That another WhatsApp account has been created using that mobile number. And he can create his account in his mobile again immediately. So that you will be logged out again.

And if suppose you hack his WhatsApp using this method. So only you will be able to message him. And that person will not be able to message. But if you want that you can hack WhatsApp in such a way that WhatsApp continues to run in that person’s mobile as well. And when he is chatting, then you can see him through your mobile, then use the method given below.

how to hack whatsapp

  1. Open Google Chrome on your phone and go to 
  2. Click on the three dot on the right side of the browser and click on the desktop site, a QR code will appear, leave it as it isOpen WhatsApp web
  3. Now go to the settings of the phone of the person whose whatsapp you want to hack
  4. go to application manager  Click on apps and permissionclick on app manager
  5. Click on Whatsapp and click on Notificationclick on WhatsApp
  6. turn off notification buttonclick on notificationDisable notification button
  7. Go to WhatsApp and click on the three dotclick on three dot
  8. Click on Liked devicesclick on linked devices
  9. Click on Link a devicelink a device
  10. Click on Okclick on ok
  11. Now from this phone you have to scan its qr code, which you got in desktop mode. 

how to hack whatsapp from whatsapp web without browser

Just now that you have hacked that person’s WhatsApp, you can see where you were seeing the qr-code. There the WhatsApp of the person from whom you scanned has come. But remember that if you do not turn off WhatsApp notifications by going to the settings of that phone. So when you scan the WhatsApp QR code, the notification will always be visible in that phone. so that that person can shut it down. But when you turn off notifications, that person will not know at all that you have hacked their WhatsApp.

And all the chats that person will do on WhatsApp, all the WhatsApp contacts, you will be able to see all of them on WhatsApp Web in your mobile. But the condition for this is that the longer that person’s internet is on, the longer you will be able to see his WhatsApp data on your phone’s WhatsApp Web. If he turns off the internet, you won’t be able to see his WhatsApp details.

Apart from this, another way to hack WhatsApp is remote connection application. Through which you will be able to hack not only WhatsApp but also other apps of that person. For which you have to install Remote Connection Application in that person’s phone. And login with your email account. And then you can keep an eye on his every single activity.

how to hack whatsapp with mobile number

By the way, hacking cannot be done in this way, or even after hacking, you will not be able to control any person’s WhatsApp account in this way for a long time. Because as soon as that person gets to know, or if that person opens his WhatsApp, then his WhatsApp will not work. And if he creates his account by entering his mobile number, then automatically logout will be done from your phone.

You don’t need to do much for this process, all you have to do is get the person’s mobile number and their mobile for a few seconds or minutes. To get the OTP, just install WhatsApp on your phone and follow the account creation process. And continue by entering that person’s mobile number. And when OTP comes, enter it and set up the account.

how to hack whatsapp with whatsapp web app

If you want to do WhatsApp of a person the way WhatsApp Web, then it will be difficult to control from a browser for a long time. You may be logged out or some other error may occur. But its other option is WhatsApp web app. Just install this app in your phone and follow further procedure.

  1. Install Whatsapp web app
  2. continue by opening the app, qr code will be displayed
  3. Go to the WhatsApp of the person you want to do, and click on 3dot and click on linked device
  4. Click on Link a device
  5. scan that qr code

Now you will be able to see that the phone from which you scanned its QR code. All his data has come in the application of your phone, although you will not get full control of WhatsApp in this. But still you can control the chat and contact of that person to a great extent. But remember, if that person turns off the data connection of his phone. Then your phone’s WhatsApp web application will stop working.

How to know if WhatsApp is hacked or not

  • First of all, never give your phone to any unknown person. Because he can not only tamper with your WhatsApp, but can also empty your bank account
  • Open your WhatsApp, if there is a notification when you open WhatsApp, that you have logged in to another device. So it means that someone has created WhatsApp account somewhere using your mobile number. And he must have got the verification code due to your negligence. And the option of verification will be visible in your phone. Immediately click on it and again verify your mobile number and create an account. So that your WhatsApp will be logout from the mobile of the automatic hacker.
  • Go to the linked devices of your WhatsApp and if an active device is shown there. then log out from there
  • Make sure that no such application is installed on your phone. The application can also be hidden from the home page, which allows remote connection. So go to your phone’s settings and go to the application manager. And from there check all the applications one by one if you feel that any of these applications is not of your use. If it is installed without your knowledge, then you uninstall it

From this article you got information how to hack WhatsApp. We hope that this information will prove useful to you.