How to find out my phone location

How to find out my location

Due to the advancement of technology, you can very easily trace the mobile device, where it is at the present time. But there are some conditions for this too, because you cannot trace any other device normally. That is, you cannot find its location, but if you want to know the location of a mobile. So first you have to do some setting in that device, then only you will be able to know the location of that device. And if you want to find out the location of a device without doing the settings, then it is impossible for a common man to do so. Rather, only government agencies can do this. Because a common man is not given this permission to trace or trace another person in a normal way.

Where am I now, tell me my location

how to find location

  1. First of all turn on location in your phone
  2. turn on google map
  3. , Click on Button
  4. For better view click on map type changer and select satellite

Google Maps will pinpoint your current location

How to find switched off phone location

The location of a switched off mobile cannot be ascertained. Because to trace any mobile it is necessary that the network signal reaches that phone. And if the phone is not in network signal then it cannot be traced. That is, its location cannot be traced.

Trace Mobile Number Current Location Online / How To Find Location From Mobile Number

Through mobile number, a common person cannot know the location of any mobile. Rather, government agencies can do this because they are given special authority.

how to find mobile location from google find my phone

If you have lost your phone, in some cases, you can use Google Find My Phone to find the location of your phone. The first condition is that your phone must have internet on it. The one whose location you want to know, and its GPS location should also be turned on.

  1. First go to on a phone or laptop and login with that email. Which is installed in your phone, whose phone’s location you want to know.
  2. Google Find My Phone will show you the location of your phone. And will also give you the option, if you want, you can reset your phone. And if you want, you can also play the tone in it.

In this article you learned how to view location. We hope this information will prove useful to you.