How to earn money from facebook

Everyone knows that Facebook is the largest and most popular social website in the world. And in such a situation, when any person finds this information, that the owners of the website earn money from their website. So the question comes in their mind that how Facebook earns money.

Because Facebook is available for free, it means that people are able to use Facebook absolutely for free. So when Facebook does not take money from its users, then how does Facebook earn money. Where does Facebook get money, what does Facebook do that it does not even take money from its users. And facebook earns money too.

By the way, it is not a matter of telling that Facebook takes any charge from its users. Because you also use facebook, did facebook ever ask you to pay or else you will not be able to use facebook – no. So from this it is decided that Facebook does not take any change from its users.

How facebook makes money 

But there is also a truth that Facebook earns money only through its users. Facebook’s users are the only source of Facebook’s earnings. But maximum users do not know how facebook earns money through me.

The main source of Facebook’s earnings is advertising, which Facebook shows to its users. And takes money from the advertiser to show that ad. And for this, Facebook’s own ad network works .

By the way, there are many advertising companies. With which any website owner can earn money by placing an ad on his website. One of which is adsense and some social websites also use it. But just think that Facebook itself is a very big brand. So why would facebook use ads of any other company?

So in this matter facebook has generated its own advertising system, you must have heard about facebook page. Facebook page owners can promote their own page and page posts. For which the page/post promoter pays to facebook. So that facebook earns and that page/post is shown on people’s timeline.

And apart from this, people make direct ads on Facebook to improve their business on Facebook. And for that also people pay Facebook. Similarly, facebook earns its income in many ways.

Are you wondering how much money Facebook will be able to earn from this? So I have to say that you can never imagine how much money facebook earns. Do not know how many people live online on Facebook every day, so just imagine how many of these people would have made their own ad.

Do not know how many people will be promoting your page/post. Apart from these, Facebook also earns its income in many other ways.

how to earn money from facebook

Because Facebook makes its income through advertising, but clearly Facebook has also provided the option of video monetization on the Facebook page, so that any person can upload videos on Facebook and if his videos get good wishes every day, then they You can monetize and earn money.

Who owns Facebook and how to make money

The founder and owner of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg, who is an American resident. And it is included in the list of 10 richest people in the world through Facebook’s earnings.

In this article you learned how Facebook makes money. We hope this information will prove useful to you.