How to download WhatsApp status

If you want to download the status of WhatsApp, and want to share that status on any other platform. So you cannot download WhatsApp status from WhatsApp app.

How to download WhatsApp status

But everyone wants to download WhatsApp status. And wants to use that status on other social media platforms. Many people also have this question, how to download or share someone else’s WhatsApp content like videos/photos. So in this condition you can follow this procedure.

how to download whatsapp status video

You cannot download WhatsApp status from WhatsApp’s app, for this you have to adopt another method. You can also download whatsapp status without any app. For this you have to do some setting in your mobile phone. And you will be able to download your whatsapp status.

And another way is that you will be able to download WhatsApp status with the help of any other app. With the help of the app, you will be able to download very quickly and easily. But you may face a lot of trouble with the setting. Because downloading from settings is a bit complicated. And people use the settings very little. To download whatsapp status. However you should know both way, through the app and also through the settings.

People mostly use the same app to download WhatsApp status. Because it is very easy to download the video of WhatsApp status through the app. Although both have the same function, they are used in different ways.

How to download WhatsApp status from All Status Saver For Whatsapp

  1. Search and install All status saver for whatsapp in play storeInstall all status saver for WhatsApp
  2. Open the app and click on live statusBy opening click on live status
  3. Click on Grant and click on AllowClick on allow
  4. Click on the video you want to download and click on the download buttonClick on download button

So in this way you can download your WhatsApp status very easily. And can share on any other social media platform. Or you can watch it whenever you want. There are many such apps, with the help of which we can download our WhatsApp status. And who can send it to other social media platforms.

how to download whatsapp status without any app

This is a very unique way to download WhatsApp status. If you use this method then you will not need any external app. Because in this process we only have to move some files, and then the WhatsApp status gets downloaded.

Because because when any person put any status. And if you open it and see it, then it gets downloaded automatically. And because of a special computer program, we are not able to see it in the gallery. Whereas that status is already downloaded in our phone.

So first you have to make hidden files visible. Which is “.” and the default setting of the device file manager is turned off for the visibility of hidden files.

  1. Go to the file manager and enable the “Display hidden directory and files” button by clicking on SettingsClick on setting in file manager Display hidden directory
  2. Go to files and search WhatsApp file, and navigate something like thisBy entering search for WhatsApp
  3. WhatsApp > Media > .Statuses, .Statuses, select any status you want to download and click on copyGo to StatusesCopy WhatsApp status and paste it anywhere
  4. Now paste it by pressing the back button 2 times

Although this method of downloading WhatsApp status is a bit complicated. Because of which not everyone can download WhatsApp status through this process. But no problem you can try another way. For which you will need additional app. Although those apps also download your whatsapp status in the same way. But that process app automates, due to which it is easy. But the method we mentioned above is a manual process. To download WhatsApp status, then if you are finding this method difficult, then follow the above-mentioned method.

how to download whatsapp status via whatsapp status saver

If you want to download your WhatsApp status. So you can’t download from WhatsApp app. For that you have to download the app separately. From the status of WhatsApp, you can save the image by shortening the screen. But you cannot download videos of WhatsApp status. For that you will have to adopt some other method, one of which is the easiest and most secure way. That you can download WhatsApp status videos and photos very easily through status saver.

  1. Search and install by entering status saver in playstoreDownload status saver app
  2. Click on Continue and Allow
  3. All your WhatsApp status will appear, click on the one you want to download
  4. Click on Save

So in this way you can very easily download and send the status of anyone anywhere.

In this article you learned how to download WhatsApp status. We hope this information will prove useful to you.