How to download Pubg

Pubg is the most played game, because it is multiplayer and very interesting game. But due to some exceptions, many Chinese apps along with pubg were banned in India. And this was a big blow for pubg players. But no problem, you can download even after pubg is banned. And can play, about which today we will give you information in this article, how to download and play PUBG after being banned. Because in such a situation it is not possible to download and play pubg normally. But there are some temporary ways, using which you can download and play pubg. How to Download Pubg.

Although we can download any app by going to playstore, but banned app will not be found on playstore. And most of the people are not able to download the apps they want because of this. But no problem, today we will tell you many such ways, by which you can download any app very easily. Whether you want to download pubg lite or pubg mobile.

how to download pubg

You have three ways to download PUBG after being banned. One is app downloader apps, second pubg official website and third external websites on which pubg installer package will be found. So after the pubg ban and after it was removed from the playstore, it became a bit difficult to download it. But no app can be closed completely. Because there is not only one source to download / install anything.

So let’s first use that method to download PUBG. Which is the easiest, and that is third party android app installer (9app).

 how to download pubg mobile lite from 9app

  1. Go to and click on Download 9apps apk
  2. After that install 9app apk, while installing it will ask to enable “install unknown source”, enable it
  3. Search by entering pubg in 9apps and click on download button
  4. Click on download button
  5. After downloading, click on that pubg file, and enable “install unknown source” and click on install button

pubg will be installed in your phone, but normally you will not be able to play it. Because there is pubg ban for which you will need vpn.

So you have learned how to download pubg after being banned. We hope that you have successfully downloaded and installed pubg. And now let’s know how to play pubg after being banned.

how to play pubg

  1. So for this you go to playstore and download it by searching “VPN”.
  2. Open the vpn app and click on Protocol 2, and below you will get the option of select countries, you can select countries if you want.
  3. And then allow permission by clicking on the finger icon

After the VPN is connected, you can play pubg. And you can do its settings, so let’s start pubg and we will set pubg lite .

How to start pubg after download installed, vpn activated

  1. Open Pubg, will ask for permission, do it OK
  2. Allow access to media file
  3. If there is an update, it will ask to install, in which the option of update will be available, click on the update button.
  4. If you want, login to Facebook, or if you want, you can also use play games. For which you have to install google play games app. But apart from these there is another simple option, which is guest.
  5. So to create guest account click on more and click on guest, and accept the policy
  6. Now enter your name, select server location, select a face and color for your profile, and continue

So we hope that there will be no problem in downloading and playing PUBG from the above mentioned process. But let us tell you some other ways to download PUBG. Although the methods of downloading are different. But the way to play is the same, which we have told above.

how to download pubg from website

You will find many such websites on which only the complete file of pubg will be found. And the installer package will also be available.

  1. Go to
  2.  Click on “Free APK download” and pubg download will start

How to download Pubg from official website of Pubg

Or if you want, you can also visit the official site of pubg for pubg mobile lite.

  1. turn on vpn
  2.  Go to
  3. Click on download apk

how to download pubg mobile

  1. If you want to download pubg mobile then go to
  2. You will get pubg mobile in two versions. You can download any version just click on apk download. (You have to use vpn to download pubg from this website also)

So these were some ways to download pubg and we have told you the whole process in the first way. How to download, install and play key pubg. And the same method will work for all other pubg as well, just the source of downloading is different.

Are these ways to download pubg llegal or not?

Yes, these ways to download PUBG are illegal. Because if pubg was banned by any one organization, company, then there was no problem with it. But pubg is banned by the Indian government. Because of which it is better if you do not play pubg.

But there is nothing wrong with that if you download and play. Because there are many such websites/apps, which are banned. But they are being used. And even after the ban, the number of people playing pubg is very high in India. Because at this time everyone knows how to play PUBG after being banned.

Yes but you cannot play pubg on indian network. Because pubg is banned on all indian isp. Because of which no person can communicate with the pubg game on the Indian network. But when you use vpn, your network changes completely and you can play pubg.

How to Download Pubg from Playstore

However, both PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile were discontinued in India. But Indian Pubg Mobile has been launched from back. Which only Indian people can run. And it is very easy to download and play. For this you will not need to use any other site. Because it is completely legal application.

  1. go to google play store
  2. search pubg mobile
  3. click install

Wait for sometime and your pubg mobile will be downloaded. And how long it will take depends on your internet speed. And when your pubg mobile is installed, you can open it and create your account from Facebook Twitter or Google Play. And you can play it, and no VPN is needed to download it.

In this article you learned how to download Pubg mobile.  And how to download pubg lite. We hope this information will prove useful to you.