How to delete WhatsApp status

It is very easy to delete WhatsApp status. If you have posted any such WhatsApp status by mistake. Which you did not want to do, then after learning from this post, delete your WhatsApp status. how to delete whatsapp status

By the way, WhatsApp stouts is a very good feature. Which was not available on WhatsApp some time ago. And WhatsApp has recently added the status feature, which it added in 2017.

And status WhatsApp has become the best feature ever. Because with this we can do instant sharing. And nobody has any problem.

Because if we put anything in the stouts, then whoever wants to see our status, who does not want to see it, there is no problem with it. And the status itself gets deleted just after 24 hours of posting stats.

how to delete whatsapp status

WhatsApp status itself gets deleted after 24 hours. Then whether it is your status or someone else’s it does not require deletion.

But if you have accidentally posted any such photo, video or text in your WhatsApp status. Which is not appropriate, or you do not want to show that post to everyone. So you have to delete that status.

And whatever you put that video, photo, text in your WhatsApp status, you can send it directly to those people whom you want to show that content.

Or if you want, you can change the privacy of your WhatsApp status. After which only your selected people will see your WhatsApp status. And your WhatsApp status will remain hidden for other people.

how to delete whatsapp status

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to status
  2. First of all the status posted by you will appear, click on itClick on your status
  3. Now swipe up from the bottom once
    and click on the delete buttonSwipe up your status
  4. Click “Delete” to confirm Click on delete button

Perhaps very few people will need to manually delete their WhatsApp status. Because it itself gets deleted after 24 hours.

After 24 hours, you cannot prevent your WhatsApp stats from being deleted even if you want. Because whastapp has given its live timing only for 24 hours.

how to delete status of others

You cannot delete another person’s WhatsApp status. But if you don’t want to see that person’s WhatsApp status in your phone. So you can mute his WhatsApp status in your phone. After which the WhatsApp status of that person will not be visible in the phone yet. But if you want, you will be able to see its status by going to the mute status of WhatsApp on your phone. But if you want to remove his status completely, so that it is not visible in your phone, then you can also block him.

  1. First go to your WhatsApp and go to Status
  2. Click and hold on the status you want to mute
  3. click on mute

That WhatsApp status will be muted. And will not appear in your WhatsApp status list. But this is not a temporary solution to delete someone else’s WhatsApp status. Because with this you mute only that WhatsApp status, so that it appears in the mute list of statuses on your WhatsApp.

But if you want to delete his WhatsApp status completely, then go to your WhatsApp chat section. And go to his contact and click 3 dot, and block him. And the person whose WhatsApp status is currently not visible on your phone, it will continue to be visible. But if after that person posts a new status then it will not appear in your phone.

In this article you learned how to delete WhatsApp status. We hope this information will prove useful to you.