How to delete WhatsApp group

Groups are a very good feature on WhatsApp. And WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world. So all your relatives and friends must also be using it. And if you have any such content (Photo, video, text, text, etc.). Which you want to send to some or all of your contacts. So it will be very difficult. How to delete whatsapp group.

Because you can message only up to 5 people at a time. And it can be a very boring process. That’s why its best option is group. With which you can connect with half the people at once.

However, sometimes groups cause a lot of trouble. Because there are many people who make groups. And in that he and other people also keep sending useless contents. And that too continuously, so I would suggest, if you are also in such a WhatsApp group. So delete that group. And keep only such groups that do not cause your trouble.

If you are the admin of any group then you can delete it too. And if you are not the admin of the group, you can still delete the group, although if you are not the admin of that group. So you can delete the group only from your WhatsApp, but not the group permanently.

how to delete whatsapp group

If you are a group member, then once you delete the group, you will not be able to re-join that group even if you want. But yes, if you want, you can add yourself to that WhatsApp group again by asking the group admin.

Or if you want, you can take a group invitation link from the group admin. After which you can add yourself to that group anytime. But if you have already made up the idea to delete the group, then just follow these steps.

  1. Open the WhatsApp group in which you are a member
  2. Click on three dots and click on group infoClick on group info
  3. Scroll the page, click on “Exit group”Click on exist group
  4. Click on “Exit” to confirmClick on exit
  5. To delete, click on Delete group and click on delete to confirmClick on delete

You have completely deleted that WhatsApp group. But if you are a group admin, then follow this process to delete your group.

group admin, how to delete whatsapp group

First of all, know that if you want to delete any of your WhatsApp group. So all the members of that group have to be removed, only then you can delete your group.

  1. First go to the group you want to delete
  2. Click on three dot and click on group infoClick on group info
  3. Click on group members and click on “Remove member name”Click on group member Click on remove member
  4. Click on “ok” to confirm
  5. Click on ok
  6. After removing all the members click on “Exit group”
  7. Click on “Exit”Click on exit
  8. Click on “Delete group”Click on delete

And remember, do not exit the group without removing all the members. Otherwise you will be out of the group and your WhatsApp group will not even be deleted. However, your WhatsApp group has been deleted. But if you want to delete your WhatsApp group just because of this. Because you want to leave the group. So you have another option for this. That you leave the group by making someone else the admin of your group.

But if you want to delete your WhatsApp group by not giving control of your WhatsApp group to anyone else, then you can absolutely do it. But if you do not delete your WhatsApp group and leave the group by making someone else an admin. So later you can join that group again anytime.

Just for that you will need group invitation link. Therefore, before making someone else the admin, copy the invitation link and save it somewhere. Add yourself to WhatsApp group through invitation link.

What are the benefits of deleting a WhatsApp group

WhatsApp group methods prove to be beneficial. But if you join too many groups, or join some unknown group. So it may be a problem for you too, then some points are mentioned below. Keeping these in mind you can delete your WhatsApp group.

  • If you are connected to an unknown WhatsApp group, you may get spam calls. Which can cause you a lot of trouble
  • If you join too many groups. Around 150 to 200 groups increase the chances of your WhatsApp number getting banned.
  • If you have joined a lot of WhatsApp groups, then a lot of your time may be wasted. Because all the time someone will be messaging. And if someone has always received messages from a group, then in such a situation you can have a lot of disturbance. And especially if you are a student then you may have a lot of problems. So delete the unnecessary groups
  • If you are a ladies, make sure you only join that group. Which you can trust 100 percent, because the WhatsApp group you are in. Any member of that and Satguru can know your contact number. and may call you directly, so avoid unknown groups

Note: If a WhatsApp group is completely deleted, it cannot be restarted. And if there is a single member (admin) left in that WhatsApp group. Who can run the group by inviting other people to that group.

In this article you learned how to delete WhatsApp group. We hope this information will prove useful to you.