How to delete photo from Google photos

If you save any of your photos or videos in Google Photos, then you will not be afraid of anything. Such as the loss of the phone or the breakdown of the phone etc. Because you can access your photos in any device through your email. And if you want to delete them, you can also delete them. And that too from any phone, like let’s say, your phone is with your parents or someone else and you have such photos in Google Photos. If you don’t want to see them, you can use your other phone or computer to delete those photos. All you have to do is login with that email in any other mobile or computer. And just go to Photos and click on that photo and delete it. The photo will be deleted from your Google Photos, and they won’t even know what you did. How to delete photo from google photos.

how to delete photo from google photos

  1. First of all go to your Google Photos app
  2. Click on the photo you want to delete and click on Delete
  3. Click on Move to Trash

How to Permanently Delete Photos from Google Photos

If you delete a photo from your Google Photos account, it is not permanently deleted. Rather it goes into your trash storage. If you want, you can delete it permanently.

  1. Go to your Google Photos app and click on Library
  2. Click on Trash
  3. All the photos you have deleted will be visible Select the photos to delete permanently
  4. click delete
  5. Click on delete button to confirm

That photo of you has been deleted from your Google Photos. You can delete more than one photo from your Google Photos by following the procedure.

how to delete photos only from google photos

If you want to delete that photo. Which is not in your phone and is on your google photos. But you want that photo to appear on your phone, and get deleted from your Google Photos account. So first you have to download that photo of yours from Google Photos. After that you can delete that photo from Google Photos.

  1. Go to your Google Photos app, and click on the three dots on the photo you want to delete
  2. Click on download and download that photo
  3. Now click on delete in it
  4. Click on Move to Trash

By the way, through the above-mentioned process, you can delete any photo from your Google photo very easily. But suppose if you have accidentally deleted such a photo or video. If you did not want to delete, then there is nothing to fear, you can restore that photo or video. By which you will get that media again. But the condition for this is also that you have not permanently deleted that photo from your Google Photos account. And if you don’t have idea about it, you can’t check it manually if you want.

  1. go to your google photos app
  2. Click on Library
  3. Click on Trash, here you will see all the photos and videos you deleted, which you have not deleted permanently
  4. Select the media file you want to restore and click on Restore

Now you can check by going to your Google Photos. The photo you deleted is back again.

In this article you learned how to delete photos from Google Photos. We hope this information will prove useful to you.