How to delete photo from gallery

If you have a mobile then you can delete any video or photo from the gallery of the mobile. And in some phones, the media file is completely deleted with just one click. But many phones have the option of Trash ie Recycle Bin, so that all the media files that are deleted go to the Recycle Bin. And if you want, you can also restore it later. But it gets completely deleted after a certain amount of time. But remember that this media file lying in the cycle also takes up the storage of your phone. How to delete photo from gallery.

how to delete photo from gallery

  1. Click on the media file i.e. photo or video that you want to deleteUs photo par click kare jise aap delete karna chahte hain
  2. Click on three dots and click on deleteclick on delete button
  3. Click Delete again to confirmConfirm karne ke liye delete par click kare

Now whatever your video or photo was selected by you, it has been deleted from your gallery. And it is completely deleted or temporary deleted from your gallery. It depends on whether your phone has a recycling bin or not. If your phone has a recycle bin, then your media file has been temporarily deleted. And if you don’t have a Recycle Bin, your photos or videos that you deleted are permanently deleted.

how to delete from gallery permanently

If the media file you deleted is not completely deleted, it will be found in your Recycle Bin. And follow this process to delete it permanently.

  1. Go to the gallery of the phone, and there in the last you will find the option of Recycle Bin, click on it
  2. Click on the file you want to delete permanently and click on delete
  3. If you want to delete all videos and photos permanently, then select all and delete and click on delete

All videos and photos have been permanently deleted from your gallery. You cannot restore them now.

If you want to delete your changed photos and videos just because your phone’s storage is full. And you are not able to capture more photos or videos. And you want to delete photos and videos to increase the storage of your phone. So for this you have another option which is Google Photos. You can use Google Photos to back up all the photos and videos on your phone to your Google Photos account. So that you will not need to delete any media files on your phone, and your phone’s storage will also be free.

For which all you have to do is go to your Google Photos application and turn on the backup setting. After which Google Photos will make an automatic backup of all the media files on your phone. And those photos and videos will always be lying on your Google Photos account. And will not even take up your phone’s storage. And after all the videos and photos in your gallery are backed up on Google Photos account, you can also delete them from the gallery. And the maximum limit of Google Photos is 15 GB, which you get for free. If you need more storage than this, you can buy premium storage from Google. In which you will get more storage.

how to get back deleted photos from gallery

If you accidentally deleted a photo or video from your gallery, it will be found in your gallery’s Recycle Bin. And you can restore it very easily. But remember, you can do this only if your phone has not been reset. And if you reset your phone. So after resetting the previous photo will not be restored.

  1. First of all go to your gallery and click on Recycle Bin in the last
  2. Click on the media file you want to restore
  3. Click on Restore

Your media file will be restored, and will return to the same location from which you deleted it.

In this article you learned how to delete photo from gallery. We hope this information will prove useful to you.