How to delete instagram photos from post

Instagram is the largest social media site in the world in terms of photo sharing, and is used by almost everyone. You must be doing it too, but if you have posted such a photo on Instagram, which is not appropriate, or it is only appropriate for it to be private. So you can delete it too.

By the way, you should not post any such photo on any social media. Which is not appropriate or a private photo. But suppose, if you have posted by mistake then it should be deleted immediately.

If you want to delete one of your Instagram photos for some time, then you should not delete your Instagram photo but archive it. Because this hides your photos.

But if you want to delete your Instagram account, and for this reason you want to delete your photos. So there’s nothing to worry about. You can delete all photos at once by deleting your Instagram account.

how to delete photo from instagram

If you are a desktop user, you cannot delete your photos, you must use mobile Instagram to delete Instagram photos.

Whether you use the browser or the Instagram app. From both you can delete your photos. And yes, if you want to delete any of your Instagram photos just because it is getting a lot of indecent comments, then you can also disable comments for that photo.

how to delete instagram photo permanently

  1. open instagramApni profile picture par click kare
  2. Click on any photo you want to deleteJis photo ko delete karna chahe uspar click kare
  3. Click on three dotsthree dot par click
  4. Click on Deletedelete par click
  5. Click on the “Delete” button to confirm the deletionConfirm karne ke liye delete par click kare

Your Instagram photo will be deleted. By the way, your Instagram photos have been deleted. But you cannot restore it, because your photos have been permanently deleted.

how to hide instagram photo

The temporary deletion process of Instagram photos is also almost the same. But its advantage is that you can restore photos anytime again. And can show on your timeline.

  1. Open Instagram and click on your profile picture
  2. Click on the photo you want to temporarily delete
  3. Click on the three dots and click on “Archive”Archive par click

Your photo has been temporarily deleted. And you can restore that photo whenever you want.

How to Restore Instagram Photos After Temporary Deletion

  1. Open Instagram and click on three dotsThree lines par click kare
  2. Click on ArchiveArchive par click
  3. Click on Stories archive Click on Posts archivePost stories par click kare
  4. Here all your archived photos will appear. Click on any photo you want to restorePhoto par click kare
  5. Click on “Show on Profile”Show on profile par click kare

Your archived ie temporary deleted photos will be restored. That is, it will start appearing again on your profile.
But you can do this only if you have archived your photos. If it is permanently deleted then it cannot be restored.

In this article you learned how to delete Instagram photos. We hope that this information will prove useful to you.