How to delete Facebook messages

If you talk too much or too personal on Facebook, from time to time they should be deleted. So that your private chats remain completely clear, otherwise if ever someone else accesses your Facebook ID. Or if a hacker hacks your Facebook account, then maybe your chats can also become a problem for you. So keep deleting all your Facebook messages from time to time.

How to delete Facebook messages 

There are many people who run Facebook in their computer itself, it is a lot of fun to chat with Facebook in computer. Because in this you get a bigger screen than the phone, and keyboard for typing, do you also run your Facebook in the computer. And chatting with friends in it, sometimes something like this happens. The problem that has to be deleted from it comes when you are not able to delete Facebook messages in computer. To delete Facebook messages in computer, you have to follow this process.

How to delete Facebook messages from computer

  1. open facebook
  2. Click on Messenger OptionClick on messenger icon
  3. Now you have to click on the message box of that friend whose message you want to delete.
  4. Click on the three dot beside the message and click on remove optionClick on three dot and click on delete

How to delete Messenger messages 

Messenger is used for messaging, it is a part of the Facebook application. With the help of which you can talk with your friends in Facebook, if you have installed Facebook in your phone, then Messenger app will be required to message in it. Without Messenger, you cannot message your friends on Facebook, if you want to delete Facebook messages from Messenger. So you have to open your Messenger, in that you will get a list of all friends, in which you have talked to them by message on Facebook. Click on the message box of the friends whose message you want to delete. And then their message will open, now you have to delete the messages from them.

  1. Go to your messenger and hold on the message for a little 2 seconds
  2. Click on Remove

How to delete all messages of Facebook messenger

If you only want to delete certain messages from a chat you’ve had with someone on Facebook Messenger, you can click on that message to delete it. But if you want to delete the entire chat with a person, then you can do it by going to that person’s message settings.

  1. open facebook messenger
  2. Go to the chat of the person whose messages you want to delete
  3. Click on Info on the right sideClick on info button
  4. Click on the 3 dot and click on delete conversationClick on delete conversation
  5. Click on Deleteclick on delete

The conversation between you and the person you chose will be completely deleted, but remember that this is only on your side. That is, all the messages in your messenger have been deleted, while all the messages will be left on the other person’s side. And it depends on whether the recipient has deleted that message or not.

How to delete Facebook messages without messenger

Most people use Facebook Messenger for Facebook chatting, but Facebook Messenger is not an entirely separate application. Rather, it is a part of Facebook itself, which is mainly an alternative to Facebook chatting. For which an additional application has been made, and if you want, you can chat with Facebook Messenger. And you can’t delete all those messages, but if you want, you can also message without messenger. And you can also delete those messages, for which you have to go to the website. And log in by entering your mobile number and password, and clicking on the message and clicking on that person’s chat. In which the message you want to delete, and then you will be able to delete the message.

How to delete Facebook messages from both sides

When you accidentally send any message to any person, delete it as soon as possible. Because after a certain time the option to delete the message from both sides disappears.

  1. Open Facebook Messenger and go to the set of people whose messages you want to delete on both sides
  2. Touch and hold that message and click on more
  3. Click on Remove and click on unsend

Now that message will be deleted from both the sides, but remember that if you have sent a spamming message to that person. Or have sent anything wrong that does not follow Facebook’s policies. and may harm that person in some way, and that person has reported you. So even if you delete the message, that message gets forwarded to Facebook during the report. And you can’t delete from there, and if you violated Facebook’s policies. So it may be that Facebook imposes some restrictions on your Facebook account or it may be that your Facebook account will be deleted.

In this article you learned about how to delete Facebook messages, We hope this information will prove useful to you.

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