How to delete Facebook group

One of the best things about social media, groups are also a great option. Although group options are not available on all social media, but on big social media like whatsapp, facebook, we get group options. With which we are able to share anything very easily by connecting to the group. how to delete facebook group

We also cannot delete Facebook group directly. The process of deleting a Facebook group is similar to deleting a WhatsApp group.

how to delete facebook group

You can delete any Facebook group, the only condition is that you are the admin of that group. Because only the admin has permission to take any decision about the group.

But yes if you are included in any Facebook group. And you want to leave that group, then you can come out of that group in just few simple steps. For this it is not necessary to delete any group.

And let’s say that if you are the admin of a Facebook group, and you want to leave that group, then you also have the option of this. In this condition also you can leave the group without deleting the group.

Just make someone else the admin of that group, and leave the group.

how to delete facebook group from mobile

  1. Open your Facebook mobile app
  2. Click on the three dots in the right side and click on the groupClick on three dot
  3. Click on your group of which you are admin and want to deleteClick on your group you want to delete
  4. Click on Admin ToolsClick on admin tools
  5. Click on MembersClick on member
  6. Click on the group member’s name and click on “Remove ‘member name’ from group”, remove all other members from the same processRemove members from your group
  7. Now come back to your group’s homepage, and click on the dropdown menu
    Click on drop-down on your group
  8. Click Leave Group, and then click “Yes”Click on leave groupClick on yes

However, you will get the option of leave group in this even if you have not removed the members from your Facebook group. But in that condition your group will not be deleted. Rather you will be removed from the group, and any group member will be offered the admin role. So if you want to delete your Facebook group, first of all remove all group members. And only then leave the group as given above process.

how to delete facebook group from computer

  1. open
  2. Click on Groups in the left sidebar
  3. click on that groupGo to Group Apne facebook account me jaye jise aap delete karna chahte hain
  4. Click on Members, members will appear click on their three dot, and click on “Remove member”Member par clickClick on remove member
  5. Click on Confirm, that member will be removed from your group, through this process remove all the membersClick on confirm to confirm
  6. Click on the three dot button of the group, and click on “Leave group”Click on leave group by clicking on three dot
  7. Click on “Leave group” to confirmClick on leave group

Note: If there is even one member left in your group and you leave the group, then he will be made the admin of your group. And your group will be available on Facebook.

So remember that only when there is not a single member left in your Facebook group, you should come out of the group. And after you leave the group, your group will not be available on Facebook.

In this article you learned how to delete Facebook group. We hope that this information has proved useful to you.