How to delete Android apps

If you are a computer or Android phone user, deleting the app is very easy. But those who do not know about this. For them this can also be a big task. But no problem, today you will learn to delete the app with the help of this. How to delete app.

And mainly you will get to see many such applications in your phone. Which you don’t need at all. And this mainly happens when you take a new phone. Because phone companies give them pre-installed applications on their phones as a promotion. However, among them you can also delete many applications. Which are from third parties, but if there is an app that is from Google or from that phone company. The company whose phone you are using, probably 90% of their applications are difficult to delete.

How to delete android apps

You can uninstall the app in the phone in two ways. We can delete the app from Settings today.

  1. Open the phone’s setting and click on App Management
  2. Which app do you want to delete from your phone?
  3. Click on Uninstall Option

another way to delete an app, how to delete an app

And if we want, we can uninstall the app without going to the setting in the phone, to do this you have to go to the home screen of your phone and click on the app you want to delete and touch for a while. By doing this you will see two options App information and Uninstall, then you have to click on Uninstall option from where that app will be deleted from your phone.

How to Delete Android Apps That Are Not Deleted

The extravagant applications you get when you buy a new phone that you don’t need. You can uninstall them in the normal way. But I also find many such applications. Jockeys are permanent, they cannot be uninstalled. But in some ways they can be hidden from your phone, or otherwise they can be stopped from running. So that the storage of your phone will not be much less. But still the load on your phone will be less.

For which we have to disable those applications which we do not need at all. But remember that such an option is not present in the phones of all companies. Especially if you use Vivo company. So you can’t remove them application at all. Which are given by installing in the system, and neither you can hide and some ways are mentioned below. You can check by going to your phone if this option is present in your phone. So you can easily hide or uninstall unwanted applications from your phone.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and click on Application & Security
  2. Go to App Manager, and click on the app that is permanent, and you want to remove it
  3. Click on Storage and click on Clear data, so that the amount of storage that is taken in that application is freed
  4. Confirm by going back and clicking on Disable

However, this process will not delete that application from your phone. But it will be completely disabled so that it will be temporarily deleted from your phone.

Note: Application applications which are given by installing permanent in the phone. You can uninstall them too, but for that you have to root your phone. But we would not recommend it to you at all. Because after rooting the phone, you may have to face some problem. Even after rooting the phone, the company’s guarantee also ends. And rooting the phone just to remove an application is not advisable.

In this article you learned how to delete Android app. We hope this information will prove useful to you.