How to create WhatsApp link

Most of the people use direct WhatsApp messaging. And they do not yet have the ID that the link can also be used on WhatsApp. Because if you want to see on any WhatsApp number, whose DP is on it, whose number is it. So most people save that number, and only then are able to see the details of that number. But you can also see the details of that mobile number by creating WhatsApp link of that mobile. And you can message him even without saving the number. how to make whatsapp link

The process of creating WhatsApp link is absolutely safe and easy, for this you do not need to be afraid of problems like hacking at all. Because the method described here is completely safe, and in this way you will also be able to create a link to your WhatsApp. And even without saving the number, people will be able to send messages from WhatsApp, and will also be able to see whose number is there.

how to make whatsapp link

  1. open the browserBrowser khole
  2. Replace “ number with country code” mobile number with country code with that mobile number. Whose you want to create whatsapp link and open it in chromeApna mobile number dale
  3. After that a button will appear which says “continue to chat” click on that button. and your whatsapp will be openContinue to chat par click kare
  4. You will be taken to the WhatsApp chat section of that personChatting Start kare

Now if you want, you can see his WhatsApp profile, you can see his photo. You can see an about section of it, and that person won’t even know as well as you can just keep the message if you want. And now without saving this number.

And if you want, you can also create WhatsApp link for your mobile number in the same way. All you have to do is go to the group browser and open the link given above with your mobile number.

do i need any whatsapp link generator

No you don’t need any whatsapp link generator rather you can generate link for your whatsapp number by yourself. And you don’t have to do anything for it. Just enter your mobile number with country code with, and your WhatsApp link has been generated. Because when you create a WhatsApp account, WhatsApp generates a link for your WhatsApp number immediately.

what is whatsapp link

A WhatsApp link is a web link that anyone can open using any of their browsers. And the WhatsApp details of the person whose mobile number will be opened with can be seen. And if the mobile number entered in that WhatsApp link is not on WhatsApp, then on WhatsApp Web we will get a notification that this number is not registered on WhatsApp.

Can someone create someone else’s WhatsApp link

Yes any person can create whatsapp link of any person, and open it. The only condition is that he should have the mobile number of the person from whom he wants to open. Regardless of which country it is.

how to create whatsapp link in iphone android or laptop

Whether you use iPhone, or laptop, Android, tablet, whatever you use. The process to create WhatsApp mobile number link is the same for everyone. Just add your mobile number with and open it in browser.

Which browser should I use to generate WhatsApp mobile number link?

You can use any browser, only that browser is able to access the Internet.

What are the benefits of creating a WhatsApp link

If you do business online such as you run a website, or run a YouTube channel, or run a website for your shop, then you must put the link of your WhatsApp on your website YouTube channel. Because in this way your customers will be able to reach you more easily, and you will be able to increase your business even more. Because in such a situation, the user will be able to easily contact you on WhatsApp with a single click. But remember that doing this can also be a bit risky for you, because in such a situation, doing just this at this time will also get your WhatsApp number. Which can prove to be harmful for you somewhere.

From this article you learned how to create WhatsApp link. We hope this information will prove useful to you.