How to create WhatsApp group

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging app, and WhatsApp is also launching its own business version. And that too has been downloaded a lot. But we will tell you about that in another post. WhatsApp group is the best option for instant messaging. So that with just one click of yours, your post will reach all your group members. How to create whatsapp group.

how to create whatsapp group

You can create WhatsApp group on any topic, like you are teaching, business or group chat with all your friends or realatives, WhatsApp group for family, etc. You can create your group on any topic you want. But if you have a big business, then you should create a Facebook group and page for it. Because whatsapp group is limited, but there is no limit for facebook group.

If you want, you can add anyone to your WhatsApp group, and you can also remove it. However by default any group member can message in WhatsApp group. But if you want, you can change the messaging option. So that no one other than you will be able to message in the group.

So in a way, WhatsApp group is a very useful thing, because nowadays everyone uses WhatsApp. And internet is also present at very cheap prices, so everyone is always online, and whether to send any information or any file, send anything to more than 1 person at once, then WhatsApp group is very much in it. proves effective.

And at this time even those in the electricity department use it a lot. Due to which the people of the power feeder can easily pass the information to the people of their area. That when the power will come, when will it be cut, etc. or if there is a fault somewhere, etc., whatever.

So if you want to create a WhatsApp group for yourself, then you can create one very easily. And it also has an advantage, that only the members of the group can message. Anyone outside the group who is not in the group cannot message.

But also keep in mind that WhatsApp group has some disadvantages too. Which is the biggest disadvantage, that any member of the group can easily extract the mobile number of any other member.

Yes, if you want to create such a WhatsApp group. In which different types of people have to be added, so please add a little thoughtfully. Because if there are people from one team and so on, then the matter is different. But adding people to a group will hinder the privacy of those people.

And you must have seen many such cases too often. That the boys have extracted the numbers of girls from the WhatsApp group created for studies during online study. So please be careful in creating whatsapp group by doing.

how to create whatsapp group

While creating the group, keep in mind that any group member can remove the mobile number of any other group member very easily.

  1. Open WhatsApp and click on the message button in the right footerClick on message icon
  2. Click on New GroupClick on new group
  3. Whichever contact you want to add to this group. Select them, and click on the arrow button in the right footerSelect number and click on continue button
  4. Enter name for your WhatsApp groupEnter name fro group
  5. Click on the Camera icon, click Gallery, or click Camera, and select an image for your group profile picture. Select photo for group
  6. Click on Ok buttonEnter name and click on ok

Your WhatsApp group is ready, and profile picture has also been set. But if you want to change your group profile picture again. So you can, about which you will get information on Apsole. Although you have already added people to your group. But if you want to add more people, then you can simply add by going to the group detail section.

But if you want to add such person to the group. Whose WhatsApp number you do not have, or want to add someone from Facebook to your group. So you can also invite them through the invitation link of your WhatsApp group. And yes you can add up to 256 people in a WhatsApp group. And if you want to make a normal family, friend group, that’s fine. But if you are creating such a WhatsApp group, on which sensitive information will be given.

So you should make the messaging option private in your WhatsApp group. So that no one else can post in that group. If you want, you can make someone the admin of your group. And you can also add multiple admins, but before adding someone as an admin, make sure that you can trust that person.

Because he can remove you from the role of admin from your own WhatsApp group. Can even remove you completely from your WhatsApp group. And can also delete your group. And if he removes you from your group once, then you will not be able to go to that group again. Unless you add a group member. Yes, but if you have a group invitation link, then you can add yourself to that group.

How to create a WhatsApp group with only me

Because the meaning of the group is that more than one person will be included in it. But if you want, you can create such a WhatsApp group. In which only you are, then for this you have to create your WhatsApp group in a normal way. Create your WhatsApp group by following the process as mentioned above, and you have to include only one person while creating the group. And make your WhatsApp group ready. After that you have to go to your WhatsApp group and click on the ID of that person and click on Remove. That person will be removed from your group. And in that group only you will be left alone.

How to invite someone to WhatsApp group

If you want to add any person to your WhatsApp group. So if you have whatsapp number of that person. So you can directly add that person to your group by going to your WhatsApp group. But if you want, you can also create a link for your WhatsApp group, after which you can send that link to any person. And if that person wants, he can also join your WhatsApp group himself through that link.

How to find WhatsApp group link

  1. go to your whatsapp group and click on 3 dot click on group info
  2.  Click on Invite via link Click on send link by whatsapp
  3. Send the link to the person you want to join your WhatsApp group

In this article you learned how to create WhatsApp group. We hope this information will prove useful to you.