How to create website

Once upon a time, making a website was also a big task. But at this time very easily your website can be created in just a few minutes or hours. And even in some conditions, you can get to create a website for free, but there are many limits in creating a free website. But if you can invest a little bit, then you can also create a very unique website. For which you will not need any technical knowledge. You just need to have an email account and some means of payment and suppose if you make a bed website. Even then you will not have to pay a lot, even you can make your website ready for $ 20. Although it can be made in less than this, but you will have to change a lot of people and plans. And we can make a website for $ 20 by taking a much better plan. how to make a website

How to make a website

But if you don’t know much about technology now, don’t know much about the website. So we would suggest that you think about creating a free website. Because if unfortunately something goes wrong with you, it won’t hurt you at all. But if you can invest, then you can make a better website even by paying. And if you are very serious about blogging or about any of your business, then you should think about making a paid website. Because in that situation you get HD room features. Which can help you to make a better website. But the free website has very limited features. You will not be able to design your website too much nor will you be able to include too many features.

How to create a free website and are the most commonly used platforms for creating websites. And if you want to create a free website, we suggest you to use And if you want to make an ad website or want to make a better one then use Because the blog website in the free version is much better than WordPress. But when it comes to making a bed side, there is no other contact management system like WordPress. Which can give you the facility to create a better website.

How to create a website on Google 

  1. First go to and click on Sign in with your Google Account. And login by entering your email.
  2. The process of creating your website will start from here, enter a title for your bayside. and click on Next.
  3. Enter a subdomain for your website and click Next. It is possible that the subdomain name you entered is not available, so check by entering another name.
  4. Now enter display name and click on finish

Until some time ago, we used to get the option of selecting a team to create a website on Blogger. But does automatic implementation on our website. Which you can change anytime in future, now your website is ready. Now you have to publish the post in your website for which click on + icon and write your post. And click on the publish button to publish your blog post. The post will be published on your blog, you can open it and see it, and you can also share it.

how to create a wordpress website

If it comes to making a paid website, then we would all suggest that you use WordPress. Because on this you will get many plugins themes and customization options. With which you can customize your WordPress website as per your wish.

And there are 2 ways to create a website on WordPress, one of which is to create your website on Another way is to install WordPress on a hosting. Out of which we will suggest you the second way that you should buy the hosting of a good company and install WordPress on it. Let us take hostinger’s hosting as an example and we are choosing’s hosting for this reason. Because you will get better quality hosting at a cheaper price, and very good features will also be available.

  1.  First of all buy hosting for your website using Hostinger or any other hosting provider.
  2. Buy a domain for your website from a domain name provider, you can buy both the host and the domain from the same company.
  3. Go to your hosting panel and click on softaculous installer or website installer
  4. click on wordpress
  5. enter your domain name
  6. Enter your website title
  7. Enter an admin username and password for your website
  8. click on install wordpress

In just a few seconds WordPress will be installed on your hosting.

If you had saved the domain name server of your hosting in your domain server folder, then you can see your domain name by opening it. Your website is ready but if the domain name server of your hosting is not saved in your domain server. So your website will not come live now. Rather first you have to save the DNS of your hosting in your domain server. For this just go to your domain account and click on that domain and click on name server, and save it by entering the name server of your hosting.

Note: If you change the domain name server immediately now, the propagation process will take place, which will take a minimum of 4 hours, and a maximum of 24 hours.

How to make a website for your business

If you want to create a website that has dynamic services, then you can use WordPress for this. And for this you may also need to hire a developer. Because you cannot customize the features as per your wish. Rather, you can create a website using only the plugins and themes available on Paresh. But now if you want to make some dynamic changes then you will need a developer. Which will help you in customizing your website.

And if you want more customization, then you have to think about hard cording in website. Because you can customize 100% hardcoded websites. And can take it to a different level, but for that you will need to invest a lot.  Because you will not find any other content management system for that. Rather it has to be made 100% coding, and for this you will need a team of developers.

How to make website from phone

It is not necessary that you will be able to create a website only if you have a computer. Rather, you can create your website through your mobile as well. But handling the website through mobile can be a bit difficult. Because we are not able to use many features on mobile. Because of which you may have to face content writing or different types of problems. But if you do not have a computer then you can start with your mobile as well. And after that Riya likes the work and you start earning, then you can consider buying a computer.

How to earn money by making website

You can earn in many ways by creating a website, but first of all it depends on the purpose for which you have created your website. That if you have created a website for any business purpose. So you work according to your target but if you have created your website. Or want to make but you have no idea how to earn money from website. Or if you earn, then the way to earn money from the website is to write articles. You can build and launch your website and view articles on it. Such articles but which people like to read. People who search in google, Because when people search for keywords related to your written article in Google, then it is possible that the articles of your website will appear in Google. And if your website ranks in Google, then your website will start getting traffic. And you can make your income by placing ads of advertising company to someone. And in this case Google Adsense is the most famous.

If your website has got a lot of traffic, then you can earn your income by placing adsense ads. And how much money you will be able to earn from the website depends on how much traffic your website is getting.

In this article you learned how to create a free website. We hope this information will prove useful for you.