How to complaint against police officers

If you want to complain against any employee of the police department of your state, then you can complain in any way and where. How to complaint against police officers, And what is its process and what should we have for this. In today’s post, we will give you complete information about this. How to complaint against police officers.

It has been seen many times that if we file any FIR, then that FIR is not accepted by the police of our areas, Or any employee of the police department misbehaves with us, or does any wrong with us. Which he should not do or there may be any reason, Because of which you want to file a police complaint. So our one question is where to complain to the police. So today you can get complete information about them in this post.

How and where to complain to the police

If you want to complain about any police personnel, then first of all you should know that under what circumstances we can complain to the police. If we talk about the police, then the police is such a security force. The use of which has been constituted for the internal civil security of any country. In which the basic duty of a police is to establish law and order and public order and crime control and prevention and to listen to the complaints received from the public and take action on it.

Along with this, in order to maintain equality in all sections of the society, necessary arrangements have to be made and along with the protection of important persons and institutions, the life and property of all persons have to be protected.

If you feel that any police department employee does not perform all these duties and does wrong in public. The reason for which there is loss of life or property of any person or you. And you also have proof of this thing that some policeman does wrong with you. So you can make a complaint. For which there are many methods which can help you.

Whenever there is any fight around us or we have a fight with someone. In which we need to get an FIR written or the complaint of a person older than ourselves has to be lodged in the police station. So many times it has been seen that the policemen do not even register our complaints. And even if they register, no action is taken on it.

And if we talk more about our rights with them, then they misbehave with us in many ways. Or do something to us that should not be done to them. So in this way we need to make a complaint against that policeman, or any of these can be the cause of complaint like –

  • If any police officer extorts, or tries to extort, any market or shop.
  • Any person dies in police custody.
  • Any kind of FIR made by you is not registered, and you are mistreated.
  • Committing or attempting to commit rape or rape by a police officer on a woman.
  • Forcible seizure or attempted seizure of someone’s property by the police.
  • or committing or attempting to commit rape on a woman in police custody, etc.

Whichever of these are small matters, you can use many methods for those things. Like there are some simple ways by which you can troubleshoot this thing. Like when you go to register any FIR or take any kind of complaint. So you get your complaint written to a police officer of a small rank, if he is misbehaving in any way or not registering your complaint. So you can complain about him to the higher authorities.

How to complain to police

If you want to file a complaint against any police, then first of all you should understand your complaints that whatever complaint you are going to make. How serious is it, if it is a small matter, then you can complain about your complaint to the big officers present in the police station, like if a home guard, constable, havaldar, etc. have a small post, you can complain to the inspector or sub-inspector present there.

If you have any complaint against the Inspector or Sub-Inspector, then you can also complain to the higher officers or you can go to the District Magistrate. Or if you cannot go, you can also write a letter for the same.

If no action is being taken on your complaint, then there is a team of Legal Affairs Department to monitor the policemen. You can also complain about it to him, whatever incident has happened with you for complaint. Write a letter detailing about it, and if you have any evidence related to the incident. So attach it and you can give the complaint letter to the officials of the Legal Affairs Department through post or by going in person.

And whatever is necessary for this will be done by this department and you will be heard. If you cannot do this for any reason. Or you complained and this department did not take any action. So you can inform the Police complaint authority (PCA) present in your state.

Police complaint authority is called Police Complaint Authority (PCA) in Hindi. It is a department that adjudicates allegations of unfair or shoddy investigation, refusal to register FIRs, custodial torture and arbitrariness against the police.

Any person who has been treated unfairly by the police can directly lodge a complaint with the PCA. If he himself is unable to file a complaint, then his family member, relative, friend or any other eye witness who has seen the entire incident can also file his complaint with the PCA.

In some states there is no PCA, in this case you can take your complaint to the court or high court, and file a case for it.

How to complain about a police officer or other government servant through public hearing

If you want to make your complaint through public hearing, then you can easily register your victim by visiting the official website of public hearing. Or you can also register your complaint by calling 1076. And keep in mind that the public hearing is for Uttar Pradesh and the website run by that state is different for different states. So whichever state you are from, you can register a complaint by visiting the website of that state.

In this article, you learned how to file FIR against a police officer and where to file a police complaint. We hope this information will prove useful for you.