How to check version of Android phone

If you use Android mobile then it is very important for you to know which version you are using. Because the latest version phones are highly capable. Whereas phones with earlier Android versions were not of high capacity. Because of which many Android applications are not even supported in older Android phones. Therefore, they also want to use all the applications present on the Android operating system. So you must have the latest Android version mobile. And if you go to buy a mobile, then you will be able to easily see the version of Android on the box of the mobile. And even if you buy it online, you will be able to check it. And if you have a mobile then you can also check your Android version by going to the setting of your mobile. How to check version of android phone.

How to check version of Android phone

It does not matter to check the version of Android mobile. Which company’s phone are you using, which version of your mobile is it. The setting to check the version of Android remains the same in all Android mobiles. Which lives in the About section of that mobile.

  1. go to your phone settings
  2. You will get the option of about phone at the top or at the very last. Click on it, and if you do not find the option of about in the setting. So go to System Management and click on about.
  3. The version of your Android device will appear in front of the version.

Android version refers to which generation of Android software is installed on your mobile hardware. And of course you can’t upgrade it. Because compatible hardware is used for the Android version at the time of mobile manufacturing.

From this article you learned how to check Android version. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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