How to cancel Amazon order

By the way, you can order any product from Amazon at any time, and you can also cancel it whenever you want. But we would just like to say that do not spamming. If you have ordered on Amazon by mistake, there is no need to panic. You can also cancel it whenever you want. But it never happens that an order is made on Amazon by mistake. Because the order is not done in just one click. How to cancel amazon order.

Rather a product order occurs after several steps. But either you have moved to live somewhere else, or you accidentally entered the wrong address in your Amazon account. Or you want to change the payment method. Whatever the reason, you can very easily cancel your Amazon order. And if it’s been several days since you ordered, but you haven’t received the order yet. So you can cancel your Amazon order.

how to cancel amazon order

Why do you want to cancel your Amazon order?


If after ordering on Amazon you have shifted elsewhere. But if it is not too far from your old place of residence, then you do not need to cancel your order. But if you have shifted somewhere, you should cancel your order and enter a new address.

payment method

Amazon offers many payment options. If you want, you can make online payment, or if you want, you can also choose the option of cash on delivery.

If you have ordered on cash on delivery option. But if you want to select online payment method, then you can cancel your order and make online payment by re-ordering. But do this only if you have ordered right away. But if some time has passed since you ordered, then do not cancel your order just to change the payment method. Rather you make the payment on cash on delivery only.

But if you want to cancel your Amazon order for any reason other than this, then absolutely you can.

how to cancel amazon order

  1. Open Amazon by clicking on the three lines click on “Your orders”
  2. Open your order and click on cancel items
  3.  Select the product and select the cancellation reason Click on
    “Cancel checked items”Cancel checked item par click kare

Your Amazon order will be cancelled.

But if you cancel any Amazon product, and have selected its payment method “Pay on delivery”. So maybe the pay on delivery option may be disabled for you for the next few items. Even if the product you have selected is not available for pay on delivery.

How to cancel order after product delivery

If an Amazon product has already been delivered, you cannot cancel it. But yes, if you want, you can use the option present on that product. Like return or replace and it depends on the product you have purchased. There is an option of both return and replace on it or only replace option.

Because when you buy a product from Amazon. So on almost all products, you get the option of replace. So that if you find a damaged product or a wrong product, you can replace it within 1 week. But if we talk about the return option, then the return option is not available on all Amazon products.

So make sure that the return option is available on the product you bought or not, if the return option is available, then you can return from it. And after returning the product, you will get the refund, which will come in your bank account. Therefore, it is important that before buying any product, it is necessary to check whether the option of return or replace is available on it or not. And it also depends on how cheap or expensive you have bought the product. Or what category of product is it?

amazon delivery in how many days

Amazon’s product delivery ranges from 1 day to 1 week. For example, if you are from an urban area, you can get same day delivery under the day 1 delivery offer. Or even if you are from far away from urban area, you will get the delivery of the order in about 3 days. Whereas in rural areas it takes about 4 to 5 days for delivery. But the same rule does not apply to all rural areas. Because it also depends on where the product is being delivered from. And where is it being done?

How to cancel order if cancel option is not available

If the cancel option is not available on your Amazon product order. For this you have two options out of which the first option is. Contacting Amazon Customer Care. And Amazon Customer Care will help you to cancel your Amazon order. And another way is to return that product after delivery but it is necessary. That there is an option to return on Amazon orders.

How long does it take to get a refund after an order is canceled

Whether you bought a product from Amazon on cash on delivery or paid online. But when you cancel the order of that product, you will get its refund in your bank account only. Which you can get between 3 days to 5 days after canceling your product.

In this article, you learned how to cancel an Amazon order. We hope this information will prove useful to you.