How to book bus ticket online

Whenever we travel by bus, we have to take tickets for our journey on the bus or at the bus stations. But ever since everything went online, ticketing for the bus has also been made online. So if you want to book bus tickets online for yourself, then you can book your bus tickets through the methods mentioned below. How to book bus ticket.

How to book bus ticket online

This facility has been started for the convenience of the passengers, and at the same time, due to the corona virus, people have to come out of their homes at least. For this also online bus ticket booking has helped us a lot. So if you want to know what is the online booking process, then you can see below and follow it.

How to book bus with Google Pay

If you want to book bus tickets online with the help of google pay, then you can book bus tickets very easily by following the process mentioned below. Or you can learn to book.

  1. Set up your account by installing Googlepay
  2. Click on redBus
  3. Click on Book Bus
  4. Enter the location from where you want to go
  5. Also select the date of travel and click on SEARCH BUSES below
  6. Click on the bus and its facility you like
  7. Which seat is required out of all the seats in the bus has to be selected. And click on Select Boarding & Dropping Point below .
  9. After entering all the information, tick the box of terms and conditions. And click on CONTINUE BOOKING.
  10. pay now

How to book bus with PhonePe 

If you want to book your bus ticket through phone pay. So you follow the process mentioned below and book your bus ticket or learn how to book.

  1. Install phonepe and set up your account
  2. Click on RedBus
  3. In the information you have to fill your Origin, Destination and date of travel
  4. Click on Search Buses
  5. Choose a bus that you like and click on CONTINUE
  6. After that you have to select where you want to go. And then you have to click on CONTINUE.
  7. Fill in your personal details and click on Proceed to book
  8. Accept the terms by clicking Proceed to book. And pay by entering your upi pin.

other portals

As you have been told two ways above in this post, book through it or if you want to book your bus ticket in any other way. So you can book your ticket through other methods given below like.

  • From IRCTC app
  • from the IXIGO app
  • Many apps etc. come from the official website of the travel agency. Jockeys book bus tickets, you can try that too.

who gives tickets on the bus

If you book tickets online, you will get your ticket at the time of booking. But now if you book ticket offline then the bus conductor will give you your ticket.

Choosing a bus for a long journey

If you do not want to travel too long by bus. And if your bus journey is within 4 to 5 hours, then you can go direct and sit in the bus, and give a direct ticket. But if you want to move from one place to another another round place. In which it is going to take more time then you can book a bus seat for yourself. In which you also get the facility to lie down, for which you are provided with a bed.

In this article you learned how to book online bus. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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