How to block WhatsApp number

It is obvious that your mobile number will be with your family members, friends, relatives only. But if any such person has got your mobile number. With whom you are not familiar, he can still message you on WhatsApp. how to block whatsapp number

But there’s nothing to be afraid of. You can also block that mobile number to that person. After which he will not be able to contact you in any way on WhatsApp.
Neither will be able to message you. And neither the call even its status will not be visible.

how to block whatsapp number

  1. open whatsapp
  2. Go to the chat you want to block and then click on the three dotsClick on three dot
  3. Click on More Click on BlockClick on moreClick on Block
  4. Click on Block to confirm BlockingClick on block to confirm

Now this WhatsApp contact has been blocked. And now this person will not be able to message or call you. You can block whomever you want through this process.

And if you want to unblock a blocked contact again, then its also almost the same process. So let’s know how to unblock any number blocked in WhatsApp.

how to unblock blocked whatsapp number

For this also follow the same process. Open your WhatsApp. And go to that contact, which you blocked and want to unblock.

  1. Go to the contact that you blocked
  2. Click on the three dots and click on more
  3. click on unblockClick on unblock

And that person will be able to message and call you again.

Follow these steps you won’t need to block anyone

Mainly yet someone has to block. When he is an unknown person and I am messaging directly on the contrary. But if someone does this, then it may be your fault in that too. So you should avoid doing anything so that an unknown person can contact you.

First of all, you do not have to put your mobile number anywhere publicly like in Facebook comment or post and also you have to keep the mobile number hidden in your Facebook profile.

When you join any WhatsApp group, you should just join that group. On whom you can trust that there is no such member in that group, which can cause you problems. Because any group member can extract mobile number of any other member very easily. and can contact him. And mainly you will have problems then. When you join an unknown group.

So avoid joining different types of direct whatsapp group. And only join the group you can trust. And you can trust all its members, you know them personally.

If you have become very upset with any WhatsApp number then use this method

If you have been troubled by any WhatsApp mobile number, then above has been told to you. that how you can block that whatsapp number. But if any person gets your number, then he can contact you from any other WhatsApp number also. Can send obscene messages to you, so you have another better option, you can block him.

If any person is sending you obscene messages from any WhatsApp number. Sending obscene photos is causing you a lot of trouble. So when any WhatsApp number is blocked, then report option comes in it as well. Instead of just blocking, choose the option to report and block it.

If you do this, the last few messages sent by that WhatsApp number and that number are forwarded to the WhatsApp team. So that the WhatsApp team reviews it. And if that number is spamming in any way, then the mobile number will be blocked by WhatsApp. And that person will never be able to run WhatsApp on that mobile number again.

What happens if you are blocked on Whatsapp

If you block someone on WhatsApp, now no one will be able to send you messages. And will not be able to call you.

You have blocked this contact. tap to unblock

This is mainly what you will get to see then. When you have blocked someone, and you want to call him or send a message. Because when you block someone on WhatsApp, you cannot send message to him. And neither you can call him and if you want to send message. Or if you want to make a call, first you have to unblock it.

How to block WhatsApp message

You cannot block only messages or calls from any person. Rather, when you block him completely on WhatsApp, then only his WhatsApp messages and calls etc. will be blocked. That his WhatsApp status will be blocked. And neither will be able to see your status, nor you will not be able to show his status, nor will he be able to call you, nor will you be able to call him, nor will you be able to message.

How to block someone on WhatsApp without them knowing

If you want to block someone on WhatsApp, you can feel free to block them. Because when you block any person, he will not know that you have blocked him. But you will stop showing your status from him. He won’t be able to see your profile picture and won’t be able to see your last seen either. So that the person can understand that maybe you have blocked him.

In this article you learned how to block WhatsApp number. We hope this information will prove useful to you.