How to block someone on Twitter

If you are a Twitter user, and have got annoyed with another Twitter user. Or if you do not want to see their tweets, then the best option is blocking, and unfollowing.

And you can do whatever is appropriate according to your situation. If you are annoyed by someone’s too many tweets, then you do not need to block them for this. Just unfollow them. Then their tweets will not be shown to you. And even if they are shown, very few will be shown.

But if you do not like it at all, then its best option is blocking, yes you can block any Twitter user.

And especially it becomes more important to block someone when someone is making abusive comments on our tweets. If something like this is happening to you too, just block the person who is being abusive. And if you want, you can also report it.

And as far as the high exposure of tweets of a Twitter user is concerned, then you can mark him as unfollow or not interested.

how to block someone on twitter

  1. Open Twitter and search and click on people
  2. Click on the person you want to blockUs user par click kare jise aap block karna chahte hain
  3. Click on three dots and click on “Block @username”Click on three dot
  4. Click on Block to confirmTwitter par kisi ko block kaise kare

That person will be blocked, so he won’t be able to find you on Twitter anymore. And it is obvious that in such a situation, he will not be able to reach your tweets either.

And when you open his profile, his tweets will not open automatically. Because you have blocked him. Click on “View tweets” to view his tweets. You will be able to see his tweets.

In the above process, we told you to block, which you can do very easily by going to his account. But if you are on any of his tweets. Whether that tweet is on the Twitter homepage or on its timeline, you can still block it. And that too without going into his profile.

For this, whatever tweet you are on, click on the three dot of that tweet. And click on “block @theirusername”. Click on Block to confirm that person will be blocked.

Then whether you are a mobile user or a desktop user, the process is the same for both. And if you want, you can unblock them again, just follow this process.

how to unblock twitter

  1. Open Twitter and click “More”
  2. Click on Settings & PrivacySetting and privacy par click kare
  3. Click on Privacy Safety and click on Mute & BlockMute and block par click kare
  4. Click on Blocked AccountsTwitter par kisi ko block kaise kare
  5. Click on the Blocked button of the account you want to unblockTwitter par blocked logo ko kaise unblock kare

How to view blocked account on Twitter

The same process described above will be used to see the people you have blocked on Twitter and from there you can unblock them. From this article you learned how to block someone on Twitter. We hope this information will prove useful to you.