How to be fair

There is no such miracle which will make you fair all of a sudden but it may take some time as well.

how to be fair

go out in the sun less

If you spend too much time in the sun, it can make your skin tan. So try to avoid sunlight, although sunlight is also very important for a healthy body and glowing skin. But avoid staying in the sun for a long time.

Use sunscreen cream or try to cover yourself with a cap/cloth when going out in the sun

Use sunscreen cream before going out in the sun, as this cream protects the skin from getting tanned by the sun. And if you want, you can also use a cap or cloth for this.

use turmeric milk

Turmeric is beneficial for the body in various ways. And if you consume turmeric and milk in the morning, it will give you glowing and glowing skin and the method which will make your skin fair in a completely natural way. And at the same time, the mixture of turmeric and milk will also eliminate various types of such diseases in your body. About whom you will not even know that you have different types of minor diseases. The mixture of turmeric and milk will also give you strength and strengthen your bones. And your skin will also become extremely fair and this will also give strength to your hair, do this at least 2 days a week in the morning.

use cream/facewash

Instead of using any hard soap to clean your face, use soft soap like dove etc. If possible, it would be better to use face wash.

use aloe vera

Apply aloe vera paste on your face, but if you apply aloe vera paste on your face daily for maximum 2 days in a week, then you can also get very bad results.

full body whitening cream

  • If you use any cream then apply it all over your body. So it will cost you a lot and it will not prove to be very effective either. But for this you have another option Aloe vera juice and turmeric milk, if you want to make your whole body fair. So you start using it every day or by giving a gap of 1 day, especially use turmeric milk in the morning. Very soon you will start getting very good results.
  • Take bath daily with soft soap

what to do to get fair fast

To become fair quickly, you have to work on many methods, that is, you have to eat such food. Which give you more nutrition from inside and do the work of whitening you. And you change your lifestyle as well as use the cream.

  1. Use turmeric milk and aloe vera juice as they increase our body’s ability to fight against diseases. Helps in whitening our body naturally. Because if you apply cream you become fair. So you can go black again very quickly. But if you are naturally fair, you can stay fair forever without using any creams.
  2. Try to avoid sunlight and dust, etc. And if you go in the sun, use sunscreen cream, or if you want, you can also use cloth.
  3. Use soft soap or face wash to wash your face. And after that you can use cream, especially do this in the evening.

In this article you learned how to become fair and how to become fair quickly. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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