How much is the pension of the President of India

If we talk about the people of general posts, then people get an idea. But the pension of the President cannot be estimated. Because when his salary is so much that a man earns in 1 year. So it is obvious that his pension will also be very high. What is the pension of Indian President.

And the most interesting thing in this is that the wife of the President also gets salary and pension which remains equal for lifetime. So let’s know how much is the annual pension of the President.

Note: In almost all jobs in which pension is available after retirement, only pension is available in that. But on retirement, the President gets pension along with many other facilities which are as follows.

How much is the pension of the President of India?

The President’s pension is 1.5 lakhs, which has been implemented recently, it is a huge amount. Before 2016, such a huge amount (1.5 lakh) was the salary of the President, but now the pension is 1.5 lakh.

Along with pension, the President also gets a furnished house after retirement. Whose expenditure is borne by the government and car etc. is a very normal thing. And a driver is also given to drive their car, and some people’s staff is also given along with it.

And government service is available free of cost for them throughout their life, such as train travel, medical facilities, etc.   Other facilities like electricity, water are also free for the President. And only the post of President is the only post which gets many free facilities after retirement. Because the President is the highest post of the country, all these facilities are necessary for him after retirement.

Not only this, but the wife of the President also gets pension, and this pension starts from the time that person becomes the President. And the most interesting thing is that the President will get Rs 5 lakh during his tenure. And during that time also his wife will get Rs 30,000 and whether you call it salary or pension is your choice.

Because when the President retires, his salary stops. And will get Rs 1.5 lakh as pension but his wife will always get Rs 30,000.

Is the President given a house after retirement?

Yes, it is given which is fully furnished but it is not permanent. Rather it is given only for living, rest of the house they are not given ownership rights.

Why is the President given pension and so many free facilities after retirement?

Because the President is the biggest post in the country. And all these facilities are given in his honor and because of his handling of such a big position. And what or what pension or what facilities will be given to the retired President, all these are included in the President Act.

What is the annual pension of the President of India?

Monthly pension has been mentioned above, you can multiply 150000 * 12, that means the annual pension of the President is 18 lakhs.

In this article, you learned how much is the pension of the President. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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