What is the difference between village and city

Both the village and the city are very expensive from each other for their living and daily needs. What is the difference between village and city, And the services available there, the environment there is completely different.

Because cities keep moving towards progress very fast. What is the difference between village and city, Which has many advantages as well as disadvantages, in the same way villages are also moving forward. But they are less developed than the city and the village also has its own specialty.

What is the difference between village and city

  1. Very good people are found in the village or very good people are found in the city. It is absolutely wrong to say this, because there are good and bad people even in the village. And even in the city there are good and bad people.
  2. The environment of the village is absolutely pure and more healthy for the body. While the environment of the city is getting worse due to the population there and due to the felling of trees.
  3. More people live in a fixed area in a city than in a village. Because people have their own houses in the village which are also very big, while most of the houses in the cities are small in size. And more than 4-5 families live in the city in the space where one family lives in the village. Although this does not happen to everyone, but mostly it is seen like this.
  4. People in the village have enough land. Whereas, due to the high population in the cities, it becomes difficult for everyone to live in the city.
  5. The children of the families living in the city start doing jobs along with their studies. Because there are more jobs in the cities, while the children of the family living in the village only do studies and some normal household work or farming etc. till the time of their studies. Because of which it can be said that the people living in the city have more opportunities while the people living in the village have very few job opportunities. Government jobs are not right but private jobs are also better for the people living in the city. Because they have got a better environment since childhood, and they have always lived in that environment. More work is done whereas a child living in a village grows up in a completely different environment from the city. And then he has to go to the city and find a job for himself.
  6. Even though the environment of the city is contaminated with the environment of the village, but the cities move forward in terms of technology and new things. And the people living there and the children everyone gets those facilities very quickly. Due to which there is a possibility of increasing their rate of development. While it takes a lot of time for new technology to reach the village.
  7. There is a lot of peace in the village. Because neither there are any factories here, nor are there any companies, nor are there many vehicles. Nor is there much population. While all these things are very much in cities.
  8. The technology of the cities is at an advanced level. While very little development will be seen in the village or old age houses are also seen. In cities you can see skyscrapers, live in them. Provided you have to pay a substantial amount. While in the village you will see most of the normal houses which are ground floor only. And it is very difficult to see two storey or three storey building in the village. Even now mud tile houses are also seen in the village.

what is the difference between rural and urban life

Rural life is much more peaceful. But at the same time the rural life fails to get information and access to different types of techniques and new inventions. Whereas an urban life leads a more modern lifestyle. Quickly acquires new technology gadgets and facilities.

What is not there in the city which we get in the village

Although the cities develop much more than the villages, but which is the specialty of the villages. You will not find that in the cities, which is a calm environment and a better environment where there is very less pollution than the city. And there is absolutely fresh air etc. Almost everyone in the village does the same thing. And everyone eats fresh, vegetables, rice, milk etc. Because all these things are grown by the farmers themselves and everyone has cow or buffalo etc. from which they get fresh milk. Whereas in the cities the purity of all these things cannot be guaranteed.

In this article you learned what is the difference between village and city. We hope this information will prove useful for you.