Amazon customer care contact number

Amazon Customer Care Number: – Today’s article is going to be important for all the people. Because in this we are going to give you information about Amazon customer care number. Amazon is one of the world’s number one online product selling companies. People now find it very easy to shop from Amazon. Now people have to do shopping, they buy goods from Amazon. People who often use the Amazon website or app to do their online shopping. So they must have needed Amazon customer care number many times. In such a situation, if you also want to know the number of Amazon Customer Care. So rest assured that in this article, along with telling you about the Amazon customer care number, many other important things have been discussed. Which is used by almost all Amazon users. Amazon customer care mobile number.

Amazon customer care mobile number

If you do online shopping through Amazon. So many times it happens that the product for which you did online. Instead, another product has arrived or sometimes it happens that a damaged product arrives. Which you don’t like at all. So in this condition you can return that product. For this you have to open Amazon account, there you will get the option of product returns. You can send it back from there. But sometimes you need to talk to the direct Amazon customer care. Because you are not satisfied with the information or solution given in the account.

If you ever need to talk to Amazon Customer Care. So you can call on this number 1800 3009 9009 . And you can get all the information related to your account or online products.

amazon prime customer care number

Amazon has launched Prime Membership for customers who shop regularly on Amazon. Many people have Amazon prime membership. With the help of which you can get the delivery of the product very quickly. For those who do more online shopping, this prime membership is very beneficial. After taking Amazon Prime Membership, it provides many facilities to its customers. In this, apart from online shopping, you can enjoy online music and movies. People who have taken prime membership, they will not need to pay delivery charges for whatever they buy online from Amazon.

People who have taken Amazon prime membership, sometimes they also face difficulty in taking advantage of this facility. So they often have to call to Amazon customer. If you are also facing any problem related to Amazon Prime. So you can also get information by calling customer care. And whatever problem is coming, we can get it fixed. Amazon prime customer care number is 888-280-4331 / 1800 3000 9009, you can call and talk on it.

amazon web service customer care number

Apart from online shopping, Amazon also provides many services. Many people are using Amazon web service. Amazon Web Service is one such remote computing service. Which gives us cloud computing service. It also provides good customer support with unlimited bandwidth. Or we can use cloud computing service in our website and blog. There are many people. Those who are using Amazon web service, if they face any problem related to this service. So by talking to our customer care, we get that problem corrected. If you want to contact Amazon Web Service Customer Service, you can contact it online.

If you want to talk to Amazon Web Service Customer Care now. So contact-us this link , after clicking on it a page will open. In which you will be given the option of sales support and compliance support. And below that the option to contact will be given, you have to click on it. After clicking on it, a page will open in which all the information asked has to be filled. And submit and in this way you can contact.

live chat help

If you are facing any problem related to Amazon service. So you can call on Amazon customer care number. But sometimes it happens that your call is not connected to customer care. So you can also live chat with Amazon Customer Care in this condition. Through that you can share your problem with them. Whatever the problem is, efforts will be made to fix it.

To do live chat, you have to open your account in Amazon. When your account is login, you will get help option or chat option inside it. You can take help from live chat by clicking on it.

need customer support

Note: If these are the issues, you do not need to contact customer care, you can resolve them yourself.

  • wrong product delivered
  • Cracked Product Delivered
  • delivery delay
  • product cancellation
  • refund
  • Return
  • amazon job

Follow the return method if the wrong or cracked product is delivered. To handle all these things, the option is given in your Amazon account itself. You can easily use the option as per your requirement. For this you do not need to talk to Amazon Customer Care.

In this article you learned Amazon’s customer care number. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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