Alexa extension | Alexa extension chrome

Alexa extension | Alexa extension chrome

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If you are a website owner or website developer etc. and you analyze different types of website scores and want to see what their ranking because rankings determine the popularity of a website, then you can use Alexa. Everyone can use Alexa but for that you have to visit again and again but if you want you can use alexa chrome-extension for your ease.

The advantage of downloading alexa chrome extension is that you will not need to go to alexa again and again, rather you can check the ranking of that website on the same page on any website in which alexa chrome-extension will help you.

In Alexa Chrome extension, you will get many options like similar site alexa ranking top keyword of that website etc.

download alexa chrome extension

  • Downloading alexa chrome-extension is very easy for which you just have to click on the download now button given in the table above and you will be taken to alexa chrome-extension page
  • Click on Add to Chrome and Chrome will ask you for permission, click on Allow, the Alexa extension will start installing in your Chrome, it will be installed in just a few seconds
  • After the Alexa Chrome extension is installed, click on the Alexa Chrome extension item on the top right side of the Chrome browser, and the Alexa extension will analyze the website you are currently on
  • Remember alexa chrome-extension will work only when you are on a website

Benefits of Alexa Chrome Extension

The advantage of downloading the Alexa Chrome extension is that whenever you want to see the ranking of any website you want to analyze, you will not have to go to again and again for it, but the page you will be on without visiting that page. You can analyze that page without leaving and visiting any other page and when you download alexa chrome-extension then alexa chrome-extension appears in the extension bar of your chrome which you have to click on and The Alexa Chrome extension analyzes the page you are on and provides its ranking, etc.

Although this information was for alexa chrome extension but if you use any other browser like fire fox then you can also download alexa chrome extension because these are the two browsers which are the most used browser and both There is an option of extension in itself.

Just like you installed alexa chrome-extension, you can do it in firefox, just for this you have to search alexa firefox extension in your firefox browser and you can download and install or Then you can follow this process if you want.

alexa firefox browser extension

  • Simply open your Firefox browser and click on Download Now in the above table
  • You can install the Alexa extension in your Firefox by clicking on Add Firefox and Alexa will work the same way as Chrome.

How to Check Website Ranking by Alexa Chrome Extension?

Install Alexa Analyzer extension in your Google Chrome browser and analyze the website, but you will get short details in this, you can use Alexa website for more details.

Check Website Ranking With Alexa Firefox Extension?

For FireFox, the process is the same as Chrome, you have to install Alexa in your Firefox browser and analyze the website.

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