How to Add subscribe button on youtube video

Today in this post you will learn here two important settings (subscribe button on video and channel trailer). I think you can do it itself because it’s very easy, and I’ll help you to do it.

Adding the subscribe button to YouTube video is a good decision because it can help us to increase subscriber. If you are a beginner YouTuber. I am sure that my article will give you the fast track to become successful YouTuber. Although, I will tell you in this article how to add the subscribe button in YouTube videos.

How to add subscribe button on YouTube videos

By the way, YouTube has already given default subscribe button to all channels and if we want we can add an extra subscribe button that will appear on our videos.

You can see here on the right bottom

How to add subscribe button on youtube videos

You can set any image as subscribe button.

How to add subscribe button on YouTube videos

First of all, create an image that you can upload as your subscribe button on videos

  1. Go to your channel’s dashboard How to add subscribe button to youtube videos
  2. Click on the channel and click on branding and if you want, you can directly jump on branding
  3. Finally, click on add a watermark
    click on add a watermark to add subscribe button on your video
  4. Click on choose file and select an image that you want to make your subscribe button and after selecting, click on save, click on save again.Upload your image and click on save
  5. You can see this image, finally, you have added subscribe button on your YouTube videos. You can change the start timing (mm: SS). I recommend you do not change it because 00.05 seconds is perfect timing to show subscribe button on videos.Now you have successfully added your subscribe button-min

Now this image will appear as subscribe button on all your videos and anyone can subscribe your channel by clicking on this button.

I hope you have successfully added subscribe button to your YouTube videos and if you are facing any problem with doing it, then ask in the comment and if you want, you can learn with wikihow and social talent that how to add subscribe button.

And you have started your own YouTube channel, then I hope definitely you want to become successful YouTuber and earn money in less time.

So is this possible?

Yes, definitely it’s possible anyone can earn money by their YouTube channel in less time but for this, you have to know some unique, best and also have to gather a lot of info about internet and YouTube.

Add channel trailer

A YouTube channel trailer is the best thing because when someone comes to our channel, then he can normally see our YouTube channel.

But after making a trailer video if someone comes to our channel, then the video that we set in the trailer will play automatically, which can we have many advantages.

We can tell about our channel and also about yourself etc, or can set any attracting video.

Note: Create a video for setting channel trailer and upload to your channel that you can set up your channel trailer. And if you want, you can use existing video as you wish.

  1. If you have your YouTube channel’s URL, then go to directly on your channel, otherwise, First of all, go to classic dashboard and click on view channel.
  2. Now you can see subscribe button on the right side and near to this have a setting icon click on it.

    How to make youtube channel trailer
    Click on setting icon
  3. You can see here ” customize the layout option of your channel” do enable it and click on save button.

    How to make youtube channel trailer full guide-min
    Enable the layout button
  4. Now click on “feature content” and select a videoHow to add youtube channel trailer help
  5. Select a video and click on the save buttonHow to make youtube channel trailer full info
  6. If you want, put heading text or leave empty and click on save button
  7. Finally, click on the done buttonfinally click on save button how to make youtube channel trailer

You have successfully added a channel trailer to your YouTube channel, you can learn it with biteable and animation that how to make a YouTube channel trailer.

But do you know that only subscribe button and channel trailer is not enough for success because this will not help you to get new viewers, This will help your existing audience become your subscriber.

Try bringing the maximum number of new visitors to your channel

So now think about how your YouTube channel will get new viewers and you know that bringing new viewers is not very easy, but we can make it easier by some efforts.

It’s obvious that the maximum number of new viewers will be available only when our video will reach as many people as possible, and if our video gets viral then we can get maximum new viewers.

And you will find many videos, articles in which you can learn ways to make YouTube video viral, but I can’t say anything that how much it will work. But don’t worry, you can try, if it’s work then it’s great.

Social media

I will suggest you that use social media to get viewers because social media is a huge source of traffic.

Not much, but if your account has on almost 4-5 social media sites and you have almost 400 – 500 followers in each of your social accounts then it’s great because you can share your every video with them.

But assume that there are no followers on your social networks, what you will do. Very simple, be active on the social network and increase your followers.

Because it’s your job to think that when someone is not aware of your channel, then how to bring it in front of the people, in my opinion, social site is better for it.

Because it’s often seen that even after a long time maximum YouTube channels do not grow much, but why, because it does not get support from viewers.

After a long time, many people become so upset that they remove the idea of earning money from YouTube, so I just want to say that start your work in this way that there is no chance of failure.

In this article you learned How to add subscribe button on youtube video We hope this information will be useful for you.

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