About Harsh, the founder of shoutmeloud and shoutmehindi

Almost everyone knows that blogging is a great work and also become YouTuber, the developer is great work. Because by this work we can get full freedom, we can become own boss, we can start own company by these.

but it’s true that currently, all these work is too hard to mean that work is not hard but becoming successful on these is too hard, but why, because you can see everywhere have a lot of competition.

but don’t worry because today this is not our topic, we will discuss this in our upcoming articles and today we are going to discuss a great blogger.

Hello, friends today I will tell you about a too much popular person, whose name is HarshAgrawall, which is a very popular & successful blogger.

yes, today you will know that who is Harsh Agrawal and about harsh’s blogs services, net worth ( income), blogging journey and many more.

Although when I started blogging then I saw articles of Harsh Agrawal in the google search I ignored them, but when I saw them on multiple time then after some time I became his regular reader. And I thought I should write an article about harsh.

Who is the founder of ShoutMeLoud award-winning blog

Harsh bro, sir is a very respectable person, first of all, I want to apologize to every reader of this post. After writing the entire article, I have written this italic sorry line. Because if I used sir or bro everywhere with their name then this article for you could somewhat boring. 

We can say that Harsh Agrawal is a blogging emperor because you can see shoutmeloud.com popularity. And obviously, if somebody gets popularity then everyone wants to know about him, so if you want to know more about Harsh Agrawal, want to know about his success then this article is for you.

So let’s go start and know about the founder of shoutmeloud award-winning blog.

Harsh’s pic

Harsh Agrawal income, traffic, the journey of blogging

I hope you know Harsh Agrawal because he is not less than a celebrity but if are a beginner then now know who is Harsh Agrawal.

Harsh Agrawal is a worldwide famous blogger

Journey to become a successful YouTuber

Although he is a professional blogger but also an engineer.

He started his blogging journey in September 2018 but not for earning money or becoming a successful blogger, rather he started blogging only for fun.

Although he started blogging from a blogspot.com blog, their first custom domain is shoutmeloud.

Do you know how he earns his first 10$, He earned his first $ 10 by fixing a blog’s error and this is a great thing.

Although he had already started blogging, there came a day in his life, who said that now leave all work and do blogging. Once happened an accident with Harsh and consequently, they had to rest just for a long time almost 5-6 month.

They could not go to the office in this condition, So it was time when he concentrated 100% on blogging and at that time he had worked hard and started moving fast in blogging mean this accident changed Harsh’s life completely.

Currently on their blog have a lot of traffic, Which is only a dream for bloggers like us. No problem, because after seeing their blog and other similar successful blogs I’m 100% sure that I’m going on a good track.

You will be happy to know that now Harsh bro does not work alone.

sudhir khatwani – Sudhir khatwani is a coinsutra specialist you can  follow them on here twitter

sudhir khatwani

sudhir khatwani

Gurmeet Singh – Gurmeet Singh works on shoutmehindi you can follow them on google plus

Gurmeet singh

Gurmeet Singh

Harsh Agrawal’s blogs

Shoutmeloud is Harsh brother’s no. 1 blog, Harsh has done hard work on this blog and today this blog has reached that point, that this blog has become his identity. Although besides this there are many more blogs.

Everyone knows that Harsh bro is from India, Hindi is the national language of India and he also runs a Hindi blog “shoutmehindi.com”

List of Harsh’s blogs

shoutmeloud.com – This is his most popular and no. 1 blog

coinsutra.com, shoutmehindi.com, wpsutra.com, wphostingdiscount.com, shoutmetech.comdenharsh.com

Do you want to know that, what is the name of Harsh’s first blog? virgintech.blogspot.com yes this is their first blog.

A glimpse of Harsh Agrawal’s blog shoutmeloud

Harsh Agrawal’s income

If you are a blogger, YouTuber or any other online businessman then surely you know that in the online business income increases every day, and increasing income depends on us that how much I can increase our income.

I am not saying only about Harsh bro, rather every person who works harder can increase their income and from that, you can be also one.

Everyone knows that anybody can not become successful without hard work, Harsh is a hard working person and their hard work is their successful blogs.

do you know that what is the best thing on their blog – Do not have many ads on their blog.

shoutmeloud yearly highest income

Shoutmeloud income report November 2009 – 3075$

Nov 2009 income source

Google Adsense
Direct Advertisement
Affiliate Marketing
WordPress SEO + Customization
Blogspot to WordPress Migration

September 2010 – 5165$

income report March 2011 – 8642$

Shoutmeloud income report May 2012 – 6178$

income report July 2013 – 7446$

Shoutmeloud income report July 2014 – 9158$

September 2015 – 16877$

December 2016 – 34390$

june 2017 – 32480$

shoutmeloud income report February 2018 – 40055$

Feb 2018 income source 

Affiliate marketing
eBooks + ShoutMeLoud Store
NativeAds DirectAds

I am also a blogger so I learned a lot from shoutmeloud and am still learning.

As you can see that their blog is growing too much every year and their income is also growing, which is a very good thing, I hope this blog will go even further.

I would like to say all beginner, if you want to become a successful blogger then just now start following to Harsh Agrawal’s blog, it’s true he is earning a lot of money, but for this reason, I am not saying to follow them.

Because earning money is another thing, but you know that he is an almost 10-year-old blogger. so you can say he is a too much-experienced blogger, and you know experience is the most important thing for everyone.

If experienced people start a new blog then they can become a successful blogger in less time. Because he knew everything what we have to do and how to do.

So very important to connect with experienced people just like hash Agrawal, and if you are a beginner and you think that you can become successful alone without other people’s support then you are wrong.

So if you are a blogger then try to connect with other bloggers.

you can follow them on here




Final words

I hope you like this short info about Harsh Agrawal, yes this is true that I have not said anything special about Harsh but I like them and their success, so I wrote this short article.

Give your important opinion about Harsh bro and also about this article.

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